Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Colonial Cousins - Aatma - Music album review

In the lingua franca of downtown Madras, this album is not that much enough? It could have been better. But it achieves what Hari and Lezz might have intended to release this album for? to put you to sleep. You wont last more than 2 songs. I promise.

This is not worthy of ownership, but you can listen to it a few times if you have a bootlegged copy of it. Otherwise, I would ask you to play Maharajapuram Santhanam on your tape player, some English-pop on your CD player and a 3 second sample of a drum beat on repeat on your computer? at the same time... to get the same musical effect that this album produces.

1. Mata Pita
American country music fused with South Indian Classical.

Overview: Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Shaker, drums, Hariharan singing Sanskrit lyrics with a western touch, Lezz contrasting with his acoustic guitar, Terrible English Lyrics(TEL), the Irish flute at the end that reminds you of bands like Cuillin. Beautiful. The pick off the lot.

2. Sri Rama
70s Jazz Piano with a slightly heavy base, and Lezz with his really TEL, Hari in his baritone asking Lord Rama what he had for dinner... Lezz answers... you start laughing.

Overview: Piano, drums, Electric guitar, Metallic flute.. reminds you of Boureee. The piano and the soothing beat take the lead? and the rest of the song just slips by without you even noticing.

3. When did MLTR start collaborating with Lezz and Hari?
This is what Turn around makes you think. Sounds a lot like Breaking the rules to me. Lezz croons huskily and Hari as usual does some Indianising with some filmi-ishtyle oooooh's and aaaah' s. There is not a lot of experimenting in this song.

Overview: Electric guitar, some computerized beats, sounds like what the triple bongo produces, and some good recording if you are listening on your headphone.

4. I have to mention Dil Mein Tu!!!
Starts with some sitar? promising enough. Then suddenly Def Leppard starts playing? and before you have time to recover? Lezz realizes that brain rhymes with cocaine and again and starts mouthing deadly lyrics that would put a retarded 13 year old to shame.

Hari starts belting some killer alaap with a Papa was a rolling stone BG. And then Lezz comes back on with lyrics like

I will get you Ice cream,
I will make you scream
and you run to get your dictionary.

Overview: Organ (you got a dirty mind you know??!!), Lezz Lezz, some coloured girls for the ooos, the Sitar, Electric guitar, drums, Mohan Veena, The ?papa was a rolling stone? beat?

Dil mein thhooooooo heeee Tu
Can it be me and you?

Other brilliant excerpts

When I was a Baby Child
I’d always run to mama

Mom and Dad are the ones I love
I know I can’t find no woman. (really ???)

Should I Run
Should I Stay
Should I walk away?


Songs to listen to:
Mata Pita, Guiding Star
Songs to avoid:
The rest. (7 in number)


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