Monday, January 10, 2005

The Forgotten - Movie review

Telly Pareta... what a Beauty

Why do we think we are so important? Why do we think the aliens have something like a
Discovery channel with programs dedicated to ’earthlings’? Why do people think the aliens spend 2000 years studying us? Hell!!! we know everything about every known creature residing in earth already... their mating practices, their communication processes, what they have for breakfast.... EVERYTHING... and we still have movies where people are abducted by aliens. Why aren’t the aliens sick of us ? I dont know about you... but I am surely sick of watching aliens movies...

What did I think about this movie- The Forgotten? Very little.
Yes I have the afforementioned pre-concieved notions. Yes I do not like alien movies especially since the aliens are so partial to Americans... to abduct and fight with ONLY them. But I did like this movie even though I did not like the general story for these reasons.

1. Presentation was classy. There is never any HUGE build up for a scene and the thrills are presented in a very mature manner.

2. The movie does not have too many cliches even though alien abductions and memory problems are the MOST cliched incidents in Hollywood cinema.

3. Juliane Moore.. aged but still really pretty. Telly Paretta.

4. Mallika Sherawat. The BIGGEST downside to this is that after all the nice presentation, is that the ending seems very contrived.

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