Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sukran - The Movie Review

These are the most poignant scenes in the movie which I will carry till my death day which is not far off if I continue watching movies like this.
1. The hero (Ravi Krishna) somehow seems to have got his upper lip firmly stuck to his nostrils which gives him a look very much like that of an orangutan that had a paralytic attack when it was trying to imitate PV Narasimha Rao.

Vijay has ’bullet proof’ IN his brain(so he does not need a jacket), can kill a yak at 200 yards... with mind bullets and knows how to make perfectly round dosas.

The first think that the heroine and hero think of while being in jail after the heroine is molested thrice by three people in quick succession is to have a duet in the ice plains of Finland.

The best way to stop an assassin from murdering you in your house is to lure him into your kitchen and start making an omelette. This sequence was supposed to be humourous and well... I laughed out of self pity.

Murder cases that Vijay argues get solved in 45 minutes. An intimate conversation with the judge during lunch time goes many a mile in winning a favourable judgement. Infact he is so fast that he himself opens another case and tries to get the ’hanging to death completely nude in Marina beach and corpse being eaten by vultures and dogs’ punishment for the accused on the same day.

The director has assumed that all his viewers have the mental capabilities of a slender-loris that was dropped on its head when it was young.

I did not see even a shred of a story. Not even the Nandanam arts college students who generally behave as though they have given their future and life to Vijay enjoyed the movie.
I think the punishment I had outlined in bold should be given to SA Chandrashekar. What do you guys say?

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Kaushik said...

SA Chandrasekhar is a despicable piece of scumbag who deserves to be publicly humiliated. Cheapos, they are, for sure. You should watch that new joke of his - Pandhayam or something. My room-mate was watching it the other day and he kept laughing for most of the 2-3 hrs, I thought it was a spoof or light-hearted comedy. Turns out he was laughing at the seriousness in the movie. Cheap Bullshit.
PS: Your Pandhayam review would be fun to read. :-)