Thursday, April 14, 2005

Before Sunset - Movie Review

Before Sunrise... childish.................Nine years later... introspective
This movie joins the unique club of sequel movies that are not cartoons, sci-fi flicks, horror, thrillers or action adventures. This is the only romantic movie sequel that I know of. (Dont call Havana Nights a sequel). This movie is the continuation to Before Sunrise, a movie shot almost 9 years earlier. That movie ended on an extremely upbeat but alas... incomplete note. Before Sunrise was probably the only movie that inspite of imitating real life to the maximum extent possible, maintained originality and interest in depicting love.

The characters of Celine and Jessie (Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke) talk in real time and spans the 139 minutes before Jessie has to get onto the plane back to America. The movie is as good as any thriller because you are constantly reminded of the time ticking away and Jessie keeps on extending his stay.

They talk througout the movie and like you would expect them to do (if you have watched Before Sunrise), and never during the conversation are you bored since both the characters have palpable <........> between them and both are above intelligent with opinions about everything. The conversation ranges from their lives over the 9 years, their relationships, their career paths to the general politics, social commentary, but it constantly keeps coming back to that fateful day 8.5 years ago when they had promised to meet... and ofcourse the painful realities... both feel their lives would have been miles better if at all it had happened. Some startling revelations later and after a few brief emotional outbursts... we are provided one of the most beautifully refined endings for a movie.

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