Sunday, April 17, 2005

Chandramukhi - Movie Review

Paisa vasool !!!.. is what you would think coming out of the theatre... the exit poll would obviously be.. "Paravaala saar, Arimaya irundhichu, oru dhaba paakalam". This movie is a an Rajni-optimized remake of a Malayalam movie starring Shobhana that won her a national award. This movie though is completely thalaivar-centric which is understandable... and welcome.

Also the movie has a very decent script (obviously the good sequences from the original script were maintained) and is unlike other Pervert Vasu movies. It comes as a relief that there are no scenes like the pukable ones in Chinna Thambi and Walter Vetrivel.

Rajni looks 10 years younger than he looked in Baba. He has also cut short his excessive political references and concentrates on his strengths... comedy and dialogue delivery. Talkng about Rajni and politics... I think this is testing the limits of patience... dont you think ?

The rumours that Jyothika replaced Simran as Prabhu's wife because Simran did not go well with a few explicit scenes are unfounded. Infact the only actual sex in the movie is during the dialogues replete with double entende' that Rajini has with Swarna whom he calls his 'sister'!!!(These scenes have P Vasu wriiten all over it). Jyothika is pretty good and impresses us with her two styles of dancing Bharathanatyam. 9Thara looks her name. I dont know how she makes it big. I believe she is going to act in Telugu movies too. Thank you :).

The rest of the cast "is there"... and thats that. The evil matriarch present in ALL Rajni movies these days is remarkably unaldylike.. no I mean she really looks like a man. Anyone know who she is? There could have been a discussion about split personalities... and the psychological representations... but Pervert Vasu... the director is an idiot and so we should not talk about intelligence/research in his movie.


sanjay said...

No comments on Vadivelu.. thats really unfair..


Escape.... Great Escape said...

That is true.. Vadivelu was great.. as usual... is at times the street dog struck by a stone... or the poor piglet struck by the passing lorry...

That guy plays the best victim EVER. Even better than gounder...