Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mumbai Express - Movie Review

You were missed... Kamal is NOTHING without you.
If you respect yourself... dont watch this movie.
Kamal has his set of loyal fans from the educated class who seem to think that his movies always have something for them. These people would feel cheated and insulted on watching Mumbai Express. Kamal seems to have thought.. "Idhu Porum da Ungalukku..."(Losers... this is enough for you) when he made Mumbai Express. Infact the fans would feel a formless hatred and anger after watching this terribly scripted, badly directed, under funded movie. The movie reeks of apathy.

Kamal as usual had given lofty interviews where he called Mumbai Express a dark comedy and had bragged that even though none of the characters are funny, the situations they are in make the movie funny. Let me tell you one thing. The only dark thing would be your mood which would make you want to forget the minuscule amount of comedy in the movie because you feel bilked of your time and money.

Kamal shows you his lack of a decent sense of humour. Makes you wonder if all the jokes in of Vasool Raja, 5tantram, PKS were solely from the kitchens of Crazy Mohan. Mohan truly is a genius when it comes to writing humour. Kamal is not. Infact Kamal I feel is a depressed cynic and a self-percieved under-achiever(shows in his interviews). The fact that he has publicly humiliated himself by making such a movie does not help him in anyway.

The rest of the factors.. music (Illayaraaja I think has become deaf... and no that does not make him Bach), cinematography (the movie was shot in a digital format... I wish there had been a 'dumb content filter'... I would filter out the entire movie) are more reasons to avoid this movie.. . if you have not already decided to not go anywhere near the theatre that is playing this movie.

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