Sunday, April 03, 2005

Raam the Movie

I am yet to see the movie and have been hearing quite a lot about this movie. The hard work of the director is evident from the interviews and the promos. The characterization is also brilliant from the looks of it. Some fine earthy yet unique characters in a murder mystery is bound to pique anyone.

I would like to highlight on something that not many people have questioned. I find this extremely heartwarming that in a country that has people like Bal Thackarey, such a movie with such an interesting logo and an questionable unnecessary name could do so well without being banned. When the promos came out, the shape of the logo… (a crescent and a star), the name and the saffron clad hero made people think the movie had religious connotations. This could have been the only cheap gimmick of the director of an otherwise excellent movie.

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