Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sideways - Movie Review

What is that expression? Helpless amused frustration?

This is one more of those sad and sensitive movies that claim fame because the effort that has gone into making the characters is very evident and hence instantly distances itself from the other hackneyed movies and characters. The dialogues are beautifully unique and the actors are even better. The plot is a middle aged version of the teenage sentiment of breaking free just before commitment.This movie is about 2 middle-aged guys on a bachelor party trip through the wine county in California. Miles is recently divorced (2 years back for an alcoholic is still the Day after Yesterday), and Jack is a regular guy who wants to devote his last few days of bachelorhood to debauchery. (He is really serious about having fun).

Miles automatically converts this into a journey devoted to just drinking which had been his only means of escape from his bad divorce. He pathetically steals from his own mother to sponsor the trip and they embark on their of week. The mood and their camaraderie during the first few scenes makes you think that there could be nothing worse than watching two middle aged guys having a bachelor party, but I urge you to trudge along with the movie... Sideways.

What follows is surprisingly funny and thought provoking alternatively. The character of Virgina Madsen(dont remember her screen name) adds the twist in the tale and you never cease to wonder how the powers of depression can screw your mind up at the worst moments. You never ever lose interest in the story and you really start caring for the characters... something movies rarely ever do.

The best part of the script is that you laugh when the director wants you to laugh and fret when he wants you to. Never during the movie are the emotions displaced. Inspite of the obvious ending, you switch off the TV after the movie with a general.. Ok.. nice movie.. Enjoyed it feeling.

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