Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bride and Prejudice - Movie Review

That expression is supposed to signify prejudice i blve. This expression looks better.
The dumb movie with a really dumb name is replete with dumb actors who overact in their cliched roles. I am sick of these cross-over directors clicheing a cliche again. How many times have you seen a really really cheap elderly lady pimping her daughters to some India returned American engineer? How many times have we seen proud girls turning their noses up on Americans? How many times have we seen the soft looking, patient, hero who is insanely in love with the proud heroine and yet does not say anything to her till the last frame? How many times have you got the feeling that you want to cut up all the characters in the movie with a blunt blade that has been used to shave a pig?

I will not wait like that guy did. So... I take great pleasure in announcing that Gurinder Chaddha has the mental capabilities of that pig's face wart. Aishwarya Rai can die...but she would still ham her way into heaven. The guy whatever his name who was shocked to death in The Ring... would wish his face would go the same way if at all he watched this badly made movie. Jane Austen would return from the dead and strangle Chaddha with a garotte... surely.

Lalitha (Aishwarya) is supposed to be PREJUDICED... she looks so dumb that I am sure that her character does not even understand the meaning of the word. Her preconcieved notions about the guy are shown in the first few minutes. After that we have to endure 200 more minutes of "all knowing proud glances" and tiffs that seem like all the lady characters are on the throes of PMS.

Darcy is supposed to be PROUD. He has absolutely no ego. It is impossible to even say he has pride. And how can ANY character signify Pride when you have Rai who is the postergirl for pride at the other end? Why does she have to have that most affected expression in every movie?

What has GC tried here? If she has tried to irritate us to death she has suceeded completely. What makes the movie terrible was the fact that it did pretty well in the theatres. I think there should have been criminal punishment for those who watched this movie in the theatres. Thats all I have to say about it.

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