Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Anniyan - Movie review

Rules Ramanujam - Steer clear of him

Shankar does it again !!!! ... Well ofcourse he has!!!!

"Well you go to America and you see everything is clean and orderly. But it is not that way in India... Why?... That is what is Anniyan".
- Shankar in his inimitable style.

That caveat should have been enough to dissuade me from watching the movie... Anniyan is pretty much like these software versions, Shankar has just given the same application in a different wrapper and more colourful pull down menus. The movie absolutely has nothing new to offer, either in terms of ideas, presentation, music or acting.

A young boy loses his friend to abject corruption in the education department and starts out a crusade to rob the venal in the country. (Pluses - Innovative, excellent acting, Good music)

An elderly guy loses his daughter to corrupt practices and starts out a crusade to kill the venal in the country. (Pluses - Acting, Humour, Music,Technique)

A young guy on watching those 2 movies (and probably Fightclub and Se7ev also.. while reading Sybil in the bathroom) feels that he is unable to meet that mark feels repressed and starts exhibiting multiple personalities that give him superhuman strength, chamaleonic hair (hair changes texture with personality), weird accents, twitchy eyeballs and irritating background music and guess what ? Starts out on a crusade to kill the venal and the lazy in the country. He succeeds to the extent that 100 people do not cross the yellow line in the middle of the road and one person starts paying the proper taxes while buying property.

All said, the movie still had a few pluses... but the minuses far outnumbered the pluses.

The pluses
  • Atleast the characters perform the Brahmin characters well without messing the accents or the intonations.
  • Vivek is the only respite in an otherwise boring movie. The movie can be watched only for him and no-one else.
  • Vikram has perfected the "Srichurnam" pose in the first few scenes.
The minuses
  • Vikram's expressions for Ramanujam were very similar to those in Kaasi... especially when he is professing his love to the parents of the girl before asking the girl.
  • Nasser brings "Sybil" to the courtroom to prove the case of multiple personality disorder.
  • Prakash Raj and Nasser being given the roles played by Vikram Dharma and S.Ve Shekar's dad in most tamil movies.
  • The MO of Prakash Raj and Vivek feigning local characters to 'gather intelligence' was probably copied from the tactics FBI/CIA being used to nab Osama.... totally ineffective.
  • Sada's navel definitely could not act.
  • Sujatha once again irritates us with his long lists replete with Scientology terms. The dilogues lacked punch and conviction.
  • The flaws due to Shankar's inability to understand multiple personality syndrome. (Each character cannot predict what the other can do, and when the other comes out, Characters cannot change in midsentence, Physical characteristics like hair and nails dont change with character)
  • Painting 3-4 kms of a road in flowers and animals for a song not worthy of even being listened to for the second time.
  • Painting an entire town in gaudy colours for an equally gaudy song.
  • Creating caricatures instead of characters for the 3 personalities exhibited.
  • Using 120 cameras to film someone falling from the first floor.
To sum up, you exit the theatre thinkign probably someone need not have spent 26 crores on something that he had already done twice before.

Probably it is time we ask a question to Shankar..

"Well you watch movies from other directors in India and abroad... they try to think up different stories and movies. But why is it not that with Shankar? Is Shankar capable of only s much?"


..|.. said...

Lol... exactly my views, Raman. I've written a review on Anniyan too.. on Dogmatrix... check it out if possible. :-)


meenakshi said...

Couple of things amused me.

26 Crores for the budget spent..

If you do an ABC analysis - the top 2% of the creators must have gotton the 90% of the money.

This includes Director, Vikram, Sujatha, Music director, Cinematographer. Rest of the people had "great opportunity" with Shankar and team. Whether the movie does well or not, these people got their money. Something like the CFO, CEO, and CIO of MNCs. Interesting.. eh?

Secondly, IDBI funded this project for 8 crores???? There are software proposals that are refused by these banks - for lack of security, and they fund the movies !!!! ..

What happens, if the movie is tanked..

This is even deeper and depressing than the situations that comes up in the movie..

Something to think about.. I guess


Escape.... Great Escape said...

The disributors realized that the movie would not rake in too much money later on, and increased the prices of the tickets early on to cash in on the curiosity factor, so much so that they charged 200 Rs for a show that started a 7.30 in the morning. (Thats right, Sathyam played 5 shows/day of Anniyan in one of its theatres).

And with all the publicity the movie has got, atleast 20% of TN would watch the movie ensuring the return for the producers and the financiers.