Sunday, June 12, 2005

"D" the movie... not a review.

Talking about ‘touking’

Do you think there can be intelligence in depicting the dumb ? Do you think mindless violence and an idiotically violent lifestyle of gangsters could be depicted seemingly realistically and go to the extent of sometimes justifying their actions? Well yes.. “Sathya” started it. “Company” redecorated it. “D” when compared to those good movies, pales… in-fact is extremely anemic. It almost looks like they have milked that cash cow of Bombay mafia aura to death with the first few gangster movies and run completely out of ideas with this one.

The makers could do nothing interesting with that subject anymore and so, revert those characters back into the normal Hindi movie clichés shown in earthen colors (which they presume makes the movie ‘slick’). Hence you endure dumbed down gangsters, paan-mouthing the gangsta lingua franca, talking about “Touking” someone all the time… and whats with the jewels? Do gangsters use jewellery for armor?

I would be greatly surprised if “D” makes it big the box office. But you can never underestimate the Bollywood market. Taran Adarsh seems to think the movie is path-breaking. There are others who seem to think the lack of lengthy dialogues like other gangster movies is simply too good. I call it lack of originality… how many more ‘touks’ can you take? Pretty idiotic movie.... you know.

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