Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ah Aaah - Music Album review

This is Ah Aaah.. a remarkably unworthy album to review.. not as much for its lack of interesting originality as for its complete lack of aesthetic appeal. I know it is too much to expect a Meenakshi or a Boys everytime in terms of freshness and surprise factor, but AH AAAH is downright pathetic.

A quick overview of the songs.
Anbe Aaruyire -
The lyrics sound like S.J. Surya's is trying to pleasure the nether regions of all Tamilians. The beats are totally ordinary and jarring. The only saving grace is the voice of A.R. Rahman which makes it atleast a tad worth listenable. I only wish he was more powerful instead of singing in the usual nasal voice.

Naresh Iyer sounds like Tippu and Madhushree sounds like a North Indian abducted by LTTE and having a severe bout of STOCKHOLM syndrome. Why? Arent there enough Tamil singers who can sing Tamil songs ? Why write Tamil in Hindi and try to pronounce it? Do you love Tamil so much Madhushree/Sadhna Sargam....???

I have no interest in this song apart from a vague Enigma sounding beat at the beginning that made me listen to the track a couple of times. It is decently rendered with a lot of importance given to the voices of both Hariharan and Chitra, without trying to drown them in a bass drone. I am looking forward to the picturization of this song. It seemed promising in the trailers.

Thigu Thigu
Sadhna Sargam having sex with Thamizh again without its consent. It will be the song where the heroine gets completely drenched in the rain showing a lot of thigh and cleavage and with fire in the BG. One more ordinary song from the kitchens of ARR.

Balasubramanian song has a very interesting start but tapers off after that. It does not incite even the least amount of interest in you apart from that still amazingly young voice.

As if Mayilirage was not enough we have another song with the same forgettable tune sung this time by four people. Shankar Mahadevan's voice sounds so distorted that you wont identify it if it were not for the casette cover. Blaazee does his usual stuff and the song drones on without a stop. There are no more songs to skip to... So you switch of the player half way through and start watching a movie on Star Movies.

As usual, sample upon sample upon sample without any instruments assault you in this album. Usually at one point of listening to ARR's music, you want to listen a few 'natural' sounding sounds.. something that you have already heard before, and some instrument being played melodiously... like the guitar, or the flute in Thee Thee.... In this album, you actually start yearning for the tabla or the violin... or the flute... for simplicity far more earlier than the any other ARR album. The album is one more of the run of the mill productions by ARR. Buy it for completion's sake, and not out of interest or for aesthetic satisfaction.


..|.. said...

I too heard the songs but was so pissed off that I turned it off when i heard that north-indian accent in one of those songs.


Escape.... Great Escape said...

yes.. makes me think of all those ducks sachin scored... So much talent and yet a few mistakes in life...

This album is definitely one of Rahman's failures atleast aesthetically... cannot imagine someone who made Meenaxi could make this trash.