Friday, August 12, 2005

Stuck on You - Movie Review

They got Reebok to stitch those special jackets different colours..

I don’t have much to say about this movie either other than the fact that the F-Farrelly brothers who made most of the other movies that you have seen that featured mentally or physically challenged people have thought of one other handicap seldom seen in any other movie. They seem to have run out of handicaps… they have used retarded people, fat people, schizophrenics and in this movie... something unique… “Siamese twins”.

In this movie Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear play the twins who have an amazing camaraderie between themselves… both physically and mentally inseparable. Personal politics, career aspirations and surroundings change their stable equilibrium and how all o f it is prioritized is the movie.

I wouldn’t say the movie is very engaging but is definitely watch-able. Some poignant observations…
  • The person with the impediment almost always is upbeat.
  • The character never makes you pity him.
  • The humour is mostly directed at people who make fun of the person with the impediment.
  • The presentation of the handicap is almost always pleasant.
  • If one of the lead characters is non-handicapped, he almost always has some kind of society that helps people with a handicap.
While watching the movie you would think that the jokes are too lame and contrived. You also feel the script is amateurish. Matt Damon’s jokes are too clichéd and downright dumb. I don’t know if they were meant that way… so you tend to get the feeling that either the movie is too intelligent for you or it is just an idiotic and slip-shod effort to make a movie that focuses on the handicapped.

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Haven't seen this one... sounds good. Will check this out. :-)