Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Super Troopers - Movie Review

The Broken Lizard. Thier chemistry works well in the movie

After watching the movie, I started laughing Farva Farva Farva instead. Post comments if you enjoyed the movie as much as I did. This is perhaps one of the toughest movies to ’review’ since this movie has neither content nor jokes that have repeat value on text. Basically one of the movies that have to be seen to be enjoyed and once again to be believed. One other cult movie that appeals to College America.

This movie is about a sadly dysfunctional state trooper brigade in Vermont where nothing ever happens. The policemen are so bored that they invent dares to keep themselves occupied. They are suddenly faced with a ’downsizing problem’. All hell breaks loose.

The characterization is out of the world and either all the people in the movie have an IQ of 10, or are pretending to be retarded. Top 10 funny moments in the movie not in any order of preference.

1. The guy who says ’’these snozzberies taste like snozzberies’’ while licking glass while high on 100 dollars worth of shrooms.
2. Littering and... Littering and... Littering and... This happens after the policecar asks guys to pull over twice while the victims have not even moved.
3. Car RamRod!!!! Its even more funny when Farva writes it down.
4. Hey Mew.. (the dare is to say 10 mews to a guy who has been pulled over)
5. License and registration please... License and registration please... License and registration please
6. Shenanigans !!! (The look on Farva’s face is priceless)
7. ’’Why cant they chug ketchup instead?’’ (The dare is to see who can chug a bottle of maple syrup fastest)
8. The Vermont police who think ’’Ramathon’’ is Mexican and order a burrito from him.
9. Farva. Farva. Farva.
10. Johny Chimpo. (Afghanimation!!!!!)

If you had continued to read this review inspite of having been warned at the beginning, and if none of these lines rouse your interest and you cannot stand stand up comedians trying to be policemen... Dont watch the movie. You are too old for this movie. Otherwise watch it and laugh through the movie and forget about it after you watch it again.


..|.. said...

Hehe... sounds like the kind of movie I'd love. Will definitely see if I get this at the DVD library.


Alison said...

Great review! This movie is definitely one of my favs! I've seen it a million times but could still watch it over and over again! There are definitely some of the best one-liners ever! I have it recorded on my employee DISH Network DVR and since I have their DISH Remote Access app and a Sling Adapter am able to bring this movie and all my subscribed programming with me on my Android on the go anywhere! It's pretty awesome; I'm constantly putting this movie on while waiting in the airports or have some downtime in my hotel room on my travels. Check it out meow :)