Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Company jaunt... ramblings of two OOW idiots....

DM Dei where r u da?
DM Me am jus about to calls in the afternoon
HS dei in bombay
HS enjamaai pannu lunch laam sapadra ?
DM Hows the place?
HS the toilets are cleaner... much cleaner :-)
DM than the company toilets here?
HS yes
DM or are u talking of the public tilets?
DM when are u back?
HS Sat morning
HS noda company toilets.. cubicles are slightly more cramped than the 5th floor namma area.
DM wot? i dint understand the cubicle part?
DM how does crampiness make the toilet beter
HS yes da.. cubicle part is separate.. first toilet.. commentary. and then the second comment was on cubicle space
DM is it bigger in bombay?
HS cubicles are more cramped in Bombay. somehow the 5th floor there had more space
DM are u talking of the toilet cubicles or the work cubicles?
HS dei yenda ipdi irukka ? :p... i am going to post this conversation on the web... lol.. work space not as big as 5th floor.. toilets cleaner and less smelly.
DM lol

Internet jaunt... a general review on Yahoo Chat.

My recents internet jaunts took me to a few old websites that I had association with a few years back. There were these yahoo chat rooms that I used to visit to talk to guys and girls living their own fantasies on the net. There were people who used to think they were the Jim Morrisons of the chat world... people who chased their muses all day long.

I stayed one entire day in the chat rooms. What I had noticed since the last time i visited one of those chat rooms was that... the number of India chatrooms has significantly gone down. At any time of the day, yahoo would be having around 30 public chatrooms for the Chennai region alone. Presently the average at any time has come down to around 10. This could be directly correlated to the number of people getting F1/H1 visas in the USA. At the peak of the joblessness in North America, the number of chatrooms used to peak at around 55 during the late nights.

The other significant change was the number of spammers on chat. On average in any chat room which had about 40 participants, the number of spammers tended to be 3 - 5. Currently the number of spammers are so large that I would have had to ignore about half the room before i can understand the gist of the conversation that is going on. What has not changed though is the kind of talk that goes on in these chat rooms. Here is one such sample.

vijay143foryou : Hi everyone. Vijay 21 m from Chennai.
net_dude143 : Hi vijay. how are you?
vijay143foryou : fine dude....

(some time passes)
vijay143foryou : kinda slow isnt it ?
net_dude143 : yes it is.

(some time passes)
vijay143foryou : So where you are from ?
net_dude143 : Chennai.
vijay143foryou : me too.

(some time passes)
vijay143foryou : kinda slow in chennai.
net_dude143 : yes it is.

(some time passes)
enters the room>
kar_love4ever : Hi everyone !!!
vijay143foryou : Hi Kar
net_dude143 : Hi K
kar_love4ever : Hi Vijay and dude.
kar_love4ever : How is everything ?
vijay143foryou : Fine Kar
net_dude143 : fine...

(some time passes)
kar_love4ever : kinda slow isnt it ?
net_dude143 : yes it is.
vijay143foryou : yes... pretty quiet.

(some time passes)
kar_love4ever : Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kitty !!!!!!
net_dude143 : hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii gal
vijay143foryou : hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kitty gal
kar_love4ever : Hi kitty
vijay143foryou : kitty kitty kitty
net_dude143 : hi galllllllll !!!!

(this goes on for a long time.... until finally... )
kar_love4ever : kitty gal is a guy
vijay143foryou : yes she is
net_dude143 : she is a guy

(some time passes)
kar_love4ever : Hi guys i have to leave.. catch you later
vijay143foryou : Ok then will see you later.
net_dude143 : great talkign to you. bye.
vijay143foryou : bye all !!!

And so the talk goes on.. hour after hour of endless riveting stuff... the talk ranges from the maximum number of vowels allowed in the greeting 'Hi' to how quiet each of the rooms sound. There are endless variations to the compositions of a room.. sometimes it even takes 4 guys to decide on whether 'kitty gal' is a guy or not.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Marana Guhai - Movie Review.

Gemini..... you gonna die....

I had the opportunity to watch the excellent movie called Marana Guhai in little Anand Theatre. The movie answered the primordial existential question that had been nagging me for about 27 years. What would happen if a group of cave scientists enter an underground waterfilled cave that has not been opened for 90 years, which is located under a 12th century Gothic Church? If you are a masochist like me, you can spend 90 minutes finding the answer for it.

"Marana Guhai" is a supremely edited and meticulously constructed story about 7 - 8 guys and one really hot scientist(yes... the one in the picture)... trying to escape several parasitic creatures that seem to be alternatively attacking and laughing at the group for being so so completely jobless to think about finding out what could be under an otherwise desolate cave. I mean what were they thinking when 8 guys got together to 'chart' a piece of wasteland? Why dont we ever read about such things in places other than the "Weekend World News" ?

The only interesting thing about the movie was that I had the chance to brush up on my Thamizh with some truly great words that can be used as choice abuses at the unkowing. Do you think you would be able to call someone a 'Surappi' or a 'kandi' without having the person think you have likened him to a paricularly offensive body part ?

The other salient point of the movie was one of the chief scientists telling others
"Guhayay Madhiyungal"...
which roughly translates to paying obeisance to the cave. I started wondering if he was talking about Lord Shiva in Amarnath. I later read that the line was "Respect the cave" in the english version of the movie. This line had me in splits and probably is the worst oneliner in the history of Hollywood. I will look forward to seeing this movie in this year's Razzies.

Other great thamizh words used in this movie.... I must congratulate the guys who did the translation :-). They must be outof work zoology graduates.... :).
Pulluruvi - Parasite?
Seevippana - Creature!!
Surappi - Gland:)
Kandi - Slate... hahahahaha