Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Company jaunt... ramblings of two OOW idiots....

DM Dei where r u da?
DM Me am jus about to calls in the afternoon
HS dei in bombay
HS enjamaai pannu lunch laam sapadra ?
DM Hows the place?
HS the toilets are cleaner... much cleaner :-)
DM than the company toilets here?
HS yes
DM or are u talking of the public tilets?
DM when are u back?
HS Sat morning
HS noda company toilets.. cubicles are slightly more cramped than the 5th floor namma area.
DM wot? i dint understand the cubicle part?
DM how does crampiness make the toilet beter
HS yes da.. cubicle part is separate.. first toilet.. commentary. and then the second comment was on cubicle space
DM is it bigger in bombay?
HS cubicles are more cramped in Bombay. somehow the 5th floor there had more space
DM are u talking of the toilet cubicles or the work cubicles?
HS dei yenda ipdi irukka ? :p... i am going to post this conversation on the web... lol.. work space not as big as 5th floor.. toilets cleaner and less smelly.
DM lol

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