Monday, December 26, 2005

Movie Review - PRIMER

So what will happen if I cup my hands and pour the hyper asimotrpoic freon into the chargeless high powered diffusometer while chanting Gayathri Jabam in Swahili?

Well yes.. one indie movie (people never fail to point out that the movie was shot with a budget of 7000 USD) about a couple of under achievers making a breakthrough scientific discovery and struggling to handle and use their discovery. The idea was very innovative but the movie has been made senseless because of a few glaring problems.

1. Loads of tech speak that hrows you off.
2. Loads of shared memories to signify the friendship between the characters, most of the dialogues are supposed to be tacit.

I watched the movie only once and I am yet to get the movie completely. I will tell you what I think about this... but this is mainly for my pleasure and not for yours. There will be spoilers from now onwards.

1. What was the old guy doing in the car and why did he go in Coma ?
2. Did one of the guys travel back in time and that "version" travel once again formward in time with the old man?"
3. Did the old man find out about the guys and travel in time all alone and was so confused that he could not take it?
4. So is it possible that at any point of time there are 3 versions of the same guy trying to avoid each other to have space-time continuum especially of there are 2 time machines?
5. So how DO cell phones work in space time?

While this movie cannot be considered the best this year.. or the best of this kind ever or any of the other 'bests' this is still worth a watch.. or two... if you are really intrigued. I would recommend this for a lay afternoon just before you take the siesta.