Sunday, January 08, 2006

Aaru - Movie Review

the hitman, the doctor, the PM, the chem eng, the architect and the lawyer

A hitman who is also a doctor, lawyer, project manager, a chemical engineer and an architect... wonder how?

Aaru slashes at someone with a sickle... 66 times... and still the guy is alive... doctors are astounded... cannot understand how he had managed to chisel everything except the life out of a wiseguy... hence the living resume theory. 6 has all of the above six qualifications... says the doctor... and the guy in the hospital bed is a living resume.

Six gets six of the 'choicest' abuses thrown at him all the time... the six are dog, saliva, house, eat, servant and salt. And the main henchman played who is the only wiseguy who uses consonants repeats them in random fasion whenever another 'wiseguy' gets 'upped' ('thookidu' in thamizh)... so very often Ashish Vidhyarthi (who BTW is the mouth-piece who cannot lip synch) screams abuses like...
dog eats saliva with salt in house with servant
servant eats dog saliva in house with salt
dog eat house servant without salt or saliva
dog eat house servant with neither salt nor saliva... (you know what has happenned here)
Theoretically there can be 720 unique combinations but the director has touched everyone by having this happen.... well ofcourse 666 times. :-).

There are 6 main wiseguys, and as expected and only one is the front and the rest are at the back.

12 people die. 6 burn to death and the other are slashed to death with rubber sickles.

Six cuts only 3 hands during the entire movie. There is surprisingly little blood.

There are 6 songs, all of them sound the same to me. I read at the theatre bulletin board that there were 6 censor cuts in the movie. I got six of the 'song books' for the price of one outside Devi Theatre. You want one? I give you free ya.

There were only 6 people including me at the theatre.

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lol and no. You don't finish badly at all.