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The Big Lebowski - movie Review

you said it maaan.... Nobody fucks with the Jesus...

Wow I am slamming them tonight... :).

The movie starts with one of the greatest Bob Dylan tracks, which goes,

The man in me will do nearly any task,
And as for compensation, there’s little he would ask.
Take a woman like you
To get through to the man in me.

and ends with Oh !!! what a wonderful feeling.

Thats exactly how you feel after watching this movie. People in these columns have been RAVING about the Coen brothers. They made some great movies together, including Oh Brother, Fargo, The man who wasnt there (one of the most fiendishly conceived plots ever), and Lebowski only adds one more feather to their collective caps.

One sentnce review would be
’’This is the Ultimate feel-good movie of the millenium" a la la la lla lallalllalalalalllalalllalaaalala

The plot:
Who cares ! A mix of some of the greatest characters created and you would be able to enjoy the movie even without a plot.

Lebowski: (Jeff Bridges from Arlington Road and The Contender)

The dude... trite, but then he is the laziest man in Los AnGeles according to Sam Elliot who introduces him to us. Sam Eliot sets the tone of the movie as he rather lazily talks, gruff voiced, (who the dude rather astutely notices... has this ’whole cowboy thing’ going on)... just rambles on and on in his story telling.

More about The Dude (or El Duderino if you arent into the ’whole brevity thing’). Sometimes there is the man for the time.. and sometimes there is just the man.. you are happy there are such people around the place. He is one such guy who,
  • Tastes the milk before he buys it.
  • Survives on a liquid diet that comprises solely of ’White Russian’ (A little mixture of Vodka, Milk, and some Kahlua.. try it... trippy). Now you know why he needs the milk.
  • Wears a beaten down T shirt 2 sizes too short, and walks around in shorts and bathrobe.
  • Lives only for bowling. and NOTHING else.
  • Dude not too dumb, but does not have ONE single thought on his own, and only borrows them.
  • Has this really lazy way of talking that immedietely makes you adore him.
  • His bleeping rug gets peed on... and thus starts the whole saga.
You discover the rest !

Walter Sobchak: (John ’Nam’ Goodman)
  • Viet vet, who compares everything to ’when he was in Nam’.
  • Devout Jew even though he WAS only married to a Jew... and who thinks Sandy Kouffax is one of the highpoints of Jewish culture.
  • Highhanded a-hole who happens to be the dudes bowling partner.
  • Bowling Rules and ’preferred nomenclatures’’ are ALL the issues he knows.
  • Knows exactly what should happen to people who fuck strangers up their ass.
NUff said. ’Everything is a fucking travesty’ with our man.

Donny: (Steve Buscemi)

’’Donny is a good bowler, and a good man. He is one of us.
He is a man who loved the outdoors. And bowling. And as
a surfer, he explored the beaches of Southern California
from La Jolla to Leo Carillo and up to Pismo.... Donny..
who loves bowling, and who was always out of his elements.’’

  • Poor Donny... completely sidelined character in the movie. The only thing Sobchak ever tells his is to ’shut the fuck up’.
  • Donny confuses Lenin with Lennon and thinks "I am the walrus" is probably the most profound statement known to man.
  • Donny is one guy who would NEVER get the point hte first time it is mentioned to him.He keeps ’slamming em’ or ’throwing rocks’ everynight, since bowling by far is the easiest game civilized man can play.
  • The only time he says something of value is when he informs that their next bowling game is on ’’Shomer Shabos’’
  • He does an amazing impressionof a lost child wandering into a room filled with adults discussing politics.

Maude Lebowski: (Juliane Moore... Oh I love the way she pronounces her name)
  • Someone who would eat her young if she so pleases.
  • ’Elitist’ whose passtime is nude painting.. no.. wrong the model isnt the one who is nude, and someone who creates ’vaginal’ art.
  • She talks twice as fast as everyoen else in the movie.
The Big Lebowski:
  • Has the key to the city of Pasadena, has various commendations, honoroary degrees, and has the dubious distinction of having taken a picture with Nancy Reagan was first lady of the nation... not of California.
  • He also happens to be cri.... uhuh handicapped person.
  • Detests people who arent employed. and informs the BUM that the war is lost.....
Now i am rambling on.. watch the movie... These great characters along with, 3 exhausted Nihilists and their girlfriend, a personal ass licker of a secretary, who is so politically correct that he gets on your nerves; Jesus Quintana, a bowler who did community service for exposing himself to 8 year old kids, Jackie Treehorn who is this adult movie produccer, who draws pictures of guys with humungous schlongs, Bunny Lebowski about whose abduction the entire movie is about, a friend of Maude’s with a cleft a-hole, a houseowner whos passtime is to wear tight clothes and dance to classical music (no not ballet), a retarded kid who gets to be interrogated by the Walter.... dont know told tou too much.... enjoy the movie.

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