Sunday, January 29, 2006

Movie REview - Aadhi

Aadhi is definitely better than Paramasivan mainly because the director and the script writer have not even attempted to include a semblance of logic in the story. Paramasivan attempted that with disastorous results. Aadhi does not try to cheat you. That to me is a good move for Thamizh Cinema. When Tamil movie public resign to the fact that they are satisfied with and crave for pathetic bullshit like Aadhi... I think it is time for Kamal and other Thamizh movie veterans to stop saying things like "I have full faith in the good taste of the Thamizh movie going public"... and must just stop trying.

The story of Adhi you can say has evolved... and was not created ;-)... Just look at the generations... Is Aadhi the fittest yet ?

Gilli - Guy travels from city to village to bash hoodlums
Madurey - Guy stays in the same town, uses only handkerchief tied around knee as disguise and bashes hoodlums.
Thirupachi - Guy goes from village to city to bash hoodlums up.
Aadhi - Guy comes from Delhi to city to bash hoodlums up.

what next ?
Guy will have to travel to/from "Foreign" or "German"... or "Swiss"... to bash hoodlums in the other place... We will wait for "Bedhi"!!!

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