Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Movie Review - 1947 Earth

"There is an animal inside everyone of us... be it Hindu, Muslim or Sikh... it is just the action of opening the door for the animal to get out... once that is done there is no controlling it..."

The entire movie is being narrated through the eyes of the child and so, many questions are left unanswered... but that is pardonble... the child is present in everyshot... in some such movies, the writer forgets who narrates the story and tells you more information than the narrator can possibly know... but that is rarely the case in 1947. That is something I liked.. but still does not explain why and how a mother can let an ayyah and the child loiter around a city rife with religious disharmony.

Apart from which the movie.. (or the child) does not attempt to take any sides.. because all the principal characters in the movie are the child's friends... Muslim, Sikh, Hindu... The closure to the movie is also done pretty suavely... and presented without any passionate tilt.

Yes there was one sequence in which the child was not present and there was no way in which the child could have known that fact... but its OK.. pardonable again.

And yes there is an attempt to raise the emotional level with innocent dialogues from the children. About... what rape is... and why people are put inside gunny sounds cheap when you read it in a review.. but in the movie it is passed off well.

The main way the British fucked up India was to leave its idiotic Victorian principles behind... and so there is an element of incredulity when you see the Parsee parents who emulate the British in every other way, use non-Victorian language with the children.

Also, possibly the movies paint Parsees in bad light... calling themselves 'chameleons'... but then it might be correct... weren't we ruled by the wife and son of a Parsee who changed his name just to appeal to the masses? I dont think the Congress has a case on that one.


Shumit said...

I really liked the movie too. It was very well made and if i remember right, there is a good scene that made my harmones go haywire...

I am not sure if i left a comment on your other blog but i did watch good night and good luck...the movie is killer. Try and watch crash if you get a chance...very well taken. Also, do american history X....

later man,

OuTlaW said...

hey.. i totally agree. congress cant say anything about a lot of things. but this sure tops the list.. and i liked the movie too!