Monday, March 06, 2006

Movie Review - Narnia - Episode 1A

Narnia... Chronicles of 4 brats who play hide and seek in another person's house.

How will an adult review a kid's movie? Based on what his kid thinks about the movie ? Or based on the technical value or the factual accuracy of the fairytale it is based on?

  • If you are a parent who wants to take his/her kid ot the movies.. Narnia is a sure endure for you.
  • If you are a bored guy sitting at home.. with nothing to do.. watch Napoleon Dynamite once again.. and dont watch Narnia.
  • If you are a Narnia fanatic who was brought up on that nonsense as a child.. well watch it.. but not for factual accuracy nor technical comeptency.. but for completion sake.
  • If you are someone to whom Narnia is new.. do not expect anythng more that cliched cliches and moral science lessons and some really terrible graphics.. especially whenever the lion comes into the picture..
For me ? Much of the moive went in trying to identify the voice of the lion.. (SPOILER ALERT: it is Liam Neeson.. Roger Ebert tells me).. there that is probably the only thing that would keep you interested in this otherwise idiotic over hyped childish (OK.. it IS for children i agree.. so dont watch it or read it.. or why even bother to write revi


Shumit said...

Dude came across your blog through deepak...he introduced us to it and we are hooked to it now.

Keep it rolling.


Escape.... Great Escape said...

I saw some ad in the newspaper where ASLAN the lion says this movie will revitalize any kid and make him stud harder for an exam...

I frankly feel azhagesan was much more entertaining that this... but then i think i am well past my childhood and my teens..