Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Movie review - The New World

Poetic license is ok... it worked well with the Thin Red Line.. atleast there were a few war scenes that were interesting and he kept from introducing characters till the last few chapters. Here he does the same thing Christian Bale comes in only finally. But look at this story... this is a love story with the the two quoting pretentious lines of poetry to make us understand the 'extent' of love... which does not augur the storyline nor does it define any character... this movie must be watched on dope. Attempting to give some idiotic story and trying to connect it with Pochahontas one more fairytale is even more idiotic.

I would suggest you to not waste your time on the movie if you though The thin red line was too tedious.
If you thought the thin red line was OK, then you could try this movie. Do not get fooled by people writing reviews about how Pochohontas had the power to bring the two people together but in a small way she did but not to a whole extent... no. The Brits were there to rape and loot. They were in the New world to take and not to share. How can one 14 year old girl change all that?

Watch the movie for the music and the visuals.... as usual you get a taste of the local flora and fauna while the characters are reciting poetry... as usual...

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The New World is highly recommended for Nature Lovers