Monday, March 20, 2006

Movie Review - Sudhesi

There was Vanchinathan.. where Vijay (The Spleen) Kanth was the cause of instantanous combustion of a few lorries.

There was Narasimha where he made an appearance as the superhero who had the capacity to electrocute electricity.

There was Alexander where he played a CBI officer who would ignite a cigarette with his own blood.

Then there was Gajendra where he spends some time in 'hyper-polymer shock' uses just his moustache to bash baddies.

But Sudhesi... I am sorry to say... pales in comparison. Gaaptan is just your friendly neighborhood vigilante... there is no international conspiracy against India... there are no theeviravaadhies from Baakisdaan... There are no theeviravaadhies hanging "Jihad" posters inside well lit 'secret' hideouts located in city hotels... SHUCKS !!!! This is when you realize this is not the usual gaaptan movie.

The movie does NOT feature gaaptan as the greatest CeeBeeAi abeesar to grace earth. Nor is he an underworld don with a heart of 24 carrat gold... Nor is he a undercover 'deductive' with super-human skills... Nor is he some major Jameendar who has hair growing from his ears and nose... Dismay starts to creep in... you feel cheated... this is not correct.. There is no God.

Is he the guy who can fall through the air faster than class IV particles like in Alexander?
Is he the guy who could resist even Sodium Pentathol... to make chemistry Nobel Laureates to scratch their heads and say "Oh My God... Ivana Control Panrathukku innum medicine kandupidikkala" like they did in Narasimha?
Is this the man who coudl leap 20 feet in the air and bash 20 guys with his moustache like he did in Gajendra?
Is he the guy who slaughtered around 232347 guys with a double edged battle axe to beat Shwarzenegger's record in Commando?

No No No No No No No No No... this is not the gaaptan I know. This is just not fair!!! What has happened to my man???

And then it happened... Gaaptan starts wooing a girl... his face fills the screen... he twirls his tongue under his teeth, winks and the the sweet sound reaches my ears... "Aaaang".... and I rest in peace... atleast one thing cannot changed.

/Eagerly awaiting Perarasu
//I heard there are 2 gaaptans in the movie
///HE fights HIMSELF !!!!!
////Wonder who wins...
/////Does earth survive THE BATTLE?


sanjay said...

your review had me in splits (as usual). Much needed relief from constant work at the office. Who invented this concept of going to work ??

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Listen to the the song... called "Big Rock Candy mountain... " it has to be a Turk who invented work.. :-)

Anyway you gots meetings.. the practical alternative to work.

And BTW me having a very interesting life here.. ping me when you gots the time.