Sunday, April 09, 2006

Movie Review - Crash

Parochial Thought Associations

Yes people generally do that in America... Thought associations always have narrow bandwidth... For ex. to the average American, the word 'France' invokes Fries and Surrendering. The country Germany invokes "Inga wearing a short skirt carrying a mug of beer in each hand" and India invokes Apu and "Deng you veddy much"... Well in Crash an attempt is made to show how such peripheral opinions/judgments can affect people in real life.

'White men talking racist shit' (The SOAPification of CRASH') is indeed just that... and irritatingly... nothing else. Well there is something more if you take in the occasional Nigger who talks racist stuff...
People yak... yak all the time about how the colour of their skin has placed them almost immediately into clich├ęd character bins in the eyes of other people... those bins, they find very difficult to get off.

Like why the spic's tattoo is falsely 'recognized' as a prison tattoo... like how two niggers with UCLA jackets become thugs and why any gun buyer with a Middle-Eastern accent is termed an "Eyeracki"... At the end of the movie you think if indeed their society was so narrow-minded, despite the cultural diversity in metropolitan America, how, anyone can ever do business... and prosper...

Even though the movie has some sort of realistic feel to it, I realized that bigotry unless presented with the help of wars, bloodshed or of course humor, is not an entertaining deviance of mankind.

What irked me further is that the few 'smart coincidences' seem too contrived. Like why would the white cop who feels a rich black lady up… HAVE to be the only guy in entire Los Angeles to save her when the black lady has an accident in some vague place? I could give you a few more... but I want you to watch the movie. I felt the script left a lot to be desired.

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