Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Snakes..... on a PLANE ?

I am waiting for the greatest event in Movie entertainment to happen. The release of the SOAP movie. I love the movie and it has not even been made. Already the SOAP 'hiss' is catching up... it is soon going to be a steady humm... So many people are onto it that they can form a separate Jihad army altogether...

There are people making fake trailers and there is movie merchandize from T shirts to fake snakes and miniature planes. I recently saw the original movie trailer and it was so sweet that I crapped my pants. It features Air Chief marshall Sam jackson WHIPPING a guy with a snake... Tell me how cool is that?

More... there are people who make movie posters... like "Snakes, Planes and MotherTruckers"... There are people who make amazing soundtracks. There are people who plan more for the screening of SOAP than for tehir weddings. They are even making constumes for the movie... Just visit snakesonablog... to revel in the madness.

There are people who predict dialogues. There are people who write to New Line cinema to request for certain lines to be added to a movie and I am joining the bandawagon.... I want some spoofs of some of the greatest movie quotes featured in the movie. Such as....
  • "That snake really tied the cockpit together"
  • "You are the man now snake"
  • "I' ve had it with these snakes"
  • "Guns for show, tasers for a Pro"
  • "Go ahead, make my flight"
  • "There were three skins. In the skins were three snakes. In the snakes were three bullets"
  • "Oh, I just shot a snake in teh head"
    followed by...
  • "Is it dead?"
  • "Mine. Thats an African Black Mamba. The snake I always wanted to shoot. I RULE"
  • "Thats the most beautiful thing in the world"
  • "When a Snake smiles at me... all I could do was smile back"
  • "Oh my God!! they killed Kenny"
  • "Sound of like you GOT a pair of fangs"
  • And ofcourse the Movie tagline "Mischief, Mayhem SOAP !!!!"
Feel free to add some more.. you know if you are as mad as me about this movie.

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