Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Movie Review - Pudhupettai

Movie designed for shock appeal. Least probable events, given any situation, are strung together in a disjointed manner to make the movie. If the movie was designed to be that way, Selvaraghavan has done a great job. (The movie opens with Dhanush ranting about his life... )

If the movie is supposed to be narrated by an incoherant frightened fool, who has had his illusions of grandeur shattered just recently, and you watch the movie with that in mind, the movie is very entertaining.

An attempt to be very slick... Pays off well
There is no attempt to stick to reality
Music at times is good. (The theme reminds me of the theme of Enemy at the Gates)
Lots of work on characterization. But very little on dialogues
Dhanush looks very comfortable, once again playing a ruffian

First half better than second... Second half is a big drag
Sonia Agarwal is unnecessary

Movie fragmented like this review
Worth a watch though