Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Movie Review - Underworld - 2

This is the second movie of this sort that I had watched. The first one was "Kallarai manithan", this being "Naraga Ulagam". I Both of the movies had Kate Beckinsale and I did not know any of the other characters in the movie. What i liked were once again the terminologies and the fact that every movie that has Kate Beckinsale also gets dubbed in Thamizh :-).

See if you can make sense of this story. There are two major evil clans. The Rathakaateris and the Lyncargal. The hero is a Rathakaateri girl who had killed her chief for colluding with the Lyncargal in 'BloodRayne'... the first part of this POS. Now she teams up with one pulluruvi fellow who has both genes. RKs and Lync's. They wear black rubber tights and fight everyone in sight.. (almost poetry.. you know.. what I just said)... always during the night killing all those who bite... (there is no controlling me... :-) )... oh what a pile of SHITE.

Yenyvay coming back to the movie... they are battled by one more demon, one of twins, one who became a RK and the other a Lynkar... and who was killed a few gazillion years back (around 2300 a bird mentions in the movie... ) So this guy was originally a RK and some Lynkar blood flows into his grave? and now suddenly he breaks open the ground, comes out and goes for some key who people wearing tights have... These guys just fly about... and fight... and they kill each other a couple of times and then they come back to life... ( I dont see the point in this... but then my mind was addled enough to not look for reason...) Hey and blood transfusion is done by sucking and reverse sucking... apparently vampires can extract AND inject blood directly into veins and arteries.

So there is obviously this castle... (There always HAS to be a castle in such movies), where there is a showdown of ginormous proportions. Vampires can fly and werewolves jump.. but they prefer to talk at length about the recent book review they read before killing their sworn enemy... kind of think they might have some Hindi villain gene streak in them... Oh I keep going off on tangents while reviewing this movie.. and BTW i was reading a book while watching this movie...

Ok once again coming back to the review, that pulluruvi fellow comes back to life for I think some 4th time in the movie and bashes all and sundry up. guns, bombs, scimtars, teeth, tongue, brain, viscerals, all fly about in random fasion. The two.. the firl and the guy survive.... and yes there is going to be a sequel to this.

There were not too many dialogues... so the purpose of watching this movie in thamizh was defeated... if you want the DVD dont ask me, I burnt mine, and buried the ashes it 10 feet under.


Pradeep Sriram said...

You seem to be watching "bebes" movies as normally referred by your friends. So u can hand over the DVDs of these movies to "bebes" as soon as possible. You know i will enjoy it!!!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

yes ... will do.. when are you coming back to chennai ? can hand over a load of them to you :-) i dont want them to be returned ;).