Sunday, July 09, 2006

Movie Review - The Devil's Rejects

Sid Haig as the Clown. You can watch the movie just for this guy

yes she is wearing the face of a dead man

Anyway I liked watching this Rob Zombie's wannabe cult classic. Yes they made House of a 1000 corpses and it was almost like a parody made in bad taste. Every horror movie cliche was exploited in that movie. That movie was really fun to watch.

In the Devil's Rejects, the same family is now being hunted by the police... and the story resembles Natural Born Killers... though it is not quite that engrossing. Sid Haig as the clown is interesting and some of his dialogues are icy in all its childishness... when he threatens the kid that the next time he comes, if the kid does not give him 10 reasons to fear clowns.. he will most certainly diembowel the mother... well you know how the laughs go in that one.

Rob Zombie has gone to great lengths in trying to get some really awesome freaks for this movie. The characters are stomach churning and their activities completely freak you out. On the whole the movie does what it was intended to do. To Disgust AND to Entertain.

Overexpoed (bright) film accentuates the arid feel of the Texas landscape. The repeated characters such as 'Tiny' from the house of a 1000 corpses have been effectively used. Dr Satan does not make an appearance.. it would have been interesting to see what his position in the movie was.

The pick of he weird characters is one of the mexican goons. He reminded me of that amazing wrestler... do you know who I am talkign about ? Just look at his picture... but just with more gashes to his head. So ok... it is almost as if I am waiting for the next one of Rob Zombie's. He is like the quentin Tarantino fo horror movies... and when he goes overboard, he does it in style.

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