Sunday, July 09, 2006

Movie Review - Red Eye

In the movie The Big Lebowski, there is this super amazing sequence. Walter SObchak has a 'Swiss Watch' of a plan to NOT give kidnappers the money, but to give them his dirty undies, and then beat the info about the hostage from the kidnappers. That WAS a 'Swiss Fucking Watch' and it had the now famous repurcussions...

Well, Walter Sobchak seems to have planned the main assassination that is the crux of the movie. The plan is to kidnap some vague hotel manager and threaten her to change the room number for the high profile politician so that some vague guy from teh bay can use a high profile cruiser missile to get to that room? Was that really the plan even before she had to board a plane to attend her grandmothers funeral? If terrorists were so dumb, I guess then they deserve to die by the bushels in Iraq.

Well to tell you the truth, there was one thing that was really noteworthy in that movie.. and that alone was interesting enough for a quick 10 minute run-through... the initial confrontation between the protoganists is really engrossing. It is almost like the movie is a really nice love story developing, but then once the 'thriller mode' sets in.. we are in for a shit storm.

The movie is just another Kidnap thriller, though the logistics of the build up are mind boggling. The various 'idiot alert' questions that come up are all deviously answered... it is like the director has really tried to give a good movie. Even if you do find some glitches, you just do not have time to point it out.. as the movie moves along at breakneck speed.

Wes Craven has also made sure that there are no unnecessary characters introduced. Not one scene seems unnecessary. Even the little girl comes of use but then the way the director has brought her on seemed pretty Bollywoodish. Well in the end all's well turns out OK.. Kitnaa Naai dies and hotel.. manager gets a pay hike...

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