Sunday, July 23, 2006

Movie Review - The world's fastest Indian

Talking about paradoxes... this is one really slow movie to be made about a speed devil. Yes the movie was touching at points and it had the ghost of human kindness blowing all over. Burt Monroe endears himself to everyone and at times acts very smart and gets things done. What is also interesting is that there has eben tooo many references to his sex life and how he seems to bed every lady he ever meets...

Also the fact that you know how the movie is goign to end even from the first scene kind of makes the entire movie a sort of a drag. I did mind watching the movie, and I will not recommend you to spend your hard earned money on another one of those 'triumph of human spirit' movies. I gather it is playing or goign to be played in Sathyam... watch teh pulikesi movie instead.. atleast hatred will be more channelized.

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