Saturday, August 26, 2006

Music Review - Shiva

Shiva is a treat for people who had loved Illayaraaja's previous. "Josh Mein", starts out with Pithamagan beats, then goes on to "Vidiya Vidiya Nadanam" and then has a smattering of Anjali songs in the interludes and 'charanams'. Anyway you feel this is a remix of his old classics with techno beats and Jesudas's voice. You at least do not feel he has wasted a good Thamizh movie to place his remixes.

Saarah Yeh Alaam

Vintage Raaja again... another way of saying he never innovates does he ;) ?. Well this is a remix of another one of his old hit songs. I forgot the song but it sounds good with a better singer than Janaki. Sad song I guess because its got a horde of violins crying in the interludes.

I think Ram Gopal must have told Illayaraaja... ok… get the 16 bit beat machine out and remix me some of your old hits... you cannot go wrong if you do that and the Hindi populace wont even notice. After all isn’t this the same crowd that raves about Himesh Reshmaiyya??? Don’t you guys feel the only difference between his songs is the colour of his cap?

Now as I wait for the next download... I am trying to guess what Dheeme Dheeme would be a remix of... Indiaglitz says its the best song of the album so I expect one easily identifiable song from an Mani Ratnam block buster.

Oh… and a bird told me that Shiva is the remix of James... I guess that kind of justifies Illayaraaja's insistence on old tunes?

Ok back to Dheemi Dheemi.. No I am not able to identify this song. This song is really good... Dheemi Dheemi is.. zindagi mein koi aagaya!!!.. ok I found out the similarity... Aagaya is a give away.. wait wait... The interlude sounds like that Bharathan song. Man this guy had been good. Yes very much like that Bhanupriya song in the Andamans or wherever (Bhehkudi… jaane lagi... part). Well a smattering of his other songs too... cleverly disguised but anyhow a remix.

I guess Illayaraaja has come to the point where he makes fun of his own music.
BTW someone told me today that I know I have hit middle age when I start making fun of myself...

Well if that’s the case, I hit middle age when I was 15. Youngsters these days take themselves too seriously :-).

OK the next one is Shapath... This time Illayaraaja has thrown away all his songs and has resorted to remixing a Shankar Ganesh or a Chandrabose song... The sounds like an especially musically minded shashtrigal trying to add some pep into an Ammavasai Tharpanam rendition. Absolutely flat.

Just a thought… but Illayaraaja, I think, might not have made it in today’s music world. Look at the people he competed against.. Chandrabose, who used only 2 notes in all his compositions and, Shankar-Ganesh, whose idea of composing music is to throw a few music instruments into the monkey enclosure at Guindy Park.

This song also has Illayaraaja SINGING in Hindi !!! Has he done it before? He does NOT sound like a Thamizian with a bad Hindi accent but still at his very constipated best. Yes there.... this song has some of those death songs of Sethu written all over it. (Even the metallic beat) Vaarthai Thavarivittal...

Police Police..

I know this song !!! Udhayam !!! oh wow.. Botany classum undu... Matinee show um undu... hey BTW that was a RGV movie too (And the movie was called Shiva in Telugu) Well the beat has been stolen from one of those settu kalyana band masters in SGS Sabha. And then there are some discordant tones for the interludes... (Do you remember ROSS being at his creative best with his keyboard... no?... well I do... that was the only Friends episode I have ever watched)

Kaise Kahein...

Ninaivooooooooooo oru Paravaiiiii.. ok. Then it is some unidentifiable "Honeee Anhoneee" (remember that old serial on DD?) sounding tune.. hahahaha TEH funniest lyrics.. I love yooooooooooo I love yooooooooo... now I am going mad. Thats EENUFF.. I've had it with these muthertrucking Tamil tunes in a muthertrucking Hindi movie. And yes.. You know how I feel about it (Sorry Patton... to group you with Sammy J)

BTW what is that starting tone in Raaga for the ad? I know I have heard it somewhere. Could you please tell me? Ok. And dream home that your folks always wanted? Talk about redundancies... and remixes ? :D... Isnt it ironic? I AM MAD. BYE. I gotta sleep.


Sankar said...

What movie is this? havent come across before...

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Dei this is a remix of "James"... which majorly bombed at the box office. Now RGV is makign it again. songs are avialable on Raaga.. get it.


Sanjeevi Kumar S said...

Mr escape,

Shiva songs are mind blowing. One word is fabulour that we can use. By the way, it seems that you are confusing about old songs. Now i give the details

1) Saarah Yeh - Anantha Raagam (Panneer pushbangal)
2) Josh mein - Vidiya Vidiya (Ithayathai thirudathey)
3) Kaise kehan - A telugu song
4) Police Police - Botony class (Uthayam)

and two originals

1) Dheemi Dheemi
2) Shah path

Please visit to know more

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Sanjeevi. thank youfor posting comments. ALl i know is that the songs were remixes and I have heard abotu those ebfore. Thanks for the links. Truly great taht Illayaraja's remixes also become master pieces.

Anyway it is nice that Illayaraaja is still spreading joy around.

iyengarkatz said...


finally some activity on your blog. when is vv going to be reviewed on ure site!! BETTER WRITE PLAUDITS PRAISING THE ACTING SKILLS OF KH ;-)

watz news?


Escape.... Great Escape said...

hi da.. illa.. I watched one scene from VV where KH uses his power of logical reasoning with madras mafia. He goes into a mafiaso junkyard and asks the goons to kill him. He even distributes 2 inch knives to do it. But the goons get so awestruck by our man's acting that they become ghandians... Jailarity ensues.

It was hilarious. I laughed. Is it supposed to be a comedy movie though?

BTW I heard this on the grapevine about Dasavadaaram... there are 10 roles right ? and the story is all about what happens when Kamal's characters falls in love 5 times in the movie :-). Is it true?

iyengarkatz said...

i haven't yet seen the movie, so until then no comments!! but i am sure nothing can beat the sivaji getup of ure thalaivar!! for a minute i thot it was a simbu movie;-) and that blonde wig...WAH WAH!!

no idea on dasavatharam, though it cud be true since he referenced ellam inba mayam in an interview, which kinda ties into your story version....the other rumor is that it spans time and therefore, you have characters in different era that somehow tie into those now....wait and watch!!

orkut-le irrukkiya??

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Yes.. it takes talent for a 60 year old guy to pass off as a 20 year old... He even fooled you dint he ? :p.

That is intereseting too... He could live his fantasy about the characters he wanted to be but never could be... I mean no1 would give him the money. SO he plays all 10 in one movie?