Sunday, September 10, 2006

Movie Review - Emttan Magan

Our man Thirumurugan who made the living room sofas sag in 90% of the tamil households with his monumental Metti Oli is back. With this amazing story. The movie spans 3 hours but it feels like 30 years. You actually become a grandfather waiting for this movie to end. You know.. he has proved Einstein right... everythign is relative.

Do you know what the plot of the movie is?

The father beats the son up on every occassion he gets.

Thats it. Thats the whole plot. No I have not left anythign out. The father beats his kid up black and blue for,
1. Not eating the liver of the goat.
2. For dropping some rice
3. For going to college
4. For dropping a spoon
5. For not stealing money
6. For not going to college
7. For going to a temple
8. For dropping a spoon... again

This is not an exhaustive list. There is 5 minute loop of the father beating the kid up... and this is repeated for the next 80 minutes... I have listed only 40% of the reasons.

So all this happens in the first 90 or so minutes.. which ofcourses takes me well into my middle age. Now he comes up with a 'solution' to this 'problem'.. Gopika changes her future father in law... with her 'kindness'. Thats it.. and this takes away the next 15 years of my life...

Seriously I would have prefered this movie to have been remixed with J Park.. and halfway through the movie a T Rex crashes in and eats everyone on screen. Problem solved. Have fun.


The Individualist said...

*falls down laughing at the last sentence

Premkumar said...

I would have loved to see a T-Rex eat everyone up in this movie...such a wateful concept. No sane person in his mind would even lookback at such a father..! This type of movies show the amount of emotional crap that our people can accept and watch.