Sunday, September 24, 2006

Movie Review - Perarasu

According to reliable sources... after his defeat in the elections, Vijayakanth has promised that he would act in four movies in one year for the sake of his fans. I am forever indebted to Vijayakanth for such a magnanimous move. I love my future life already.

Ok, I need to warn you. There are three basic qualities you would need to have to watch and enjoy this movie to the maximum,
  1. Delayed onset of Maturity
  2. Permanent Adolescence
  3. Maladaptive behaviour
These 3 things are absolutely essential, and you will watch the movie atleast a dozen times.

Here are other reasons to watch this movie.
You get two Vijayakanths for the price of one !!!! What more do you want ?
Vijay1 fights Vijay2 !!! And the world survives !!! What more do you want ?
Vijay1 is a CBI abeesar !!!! What more do you want ?
Vijay2 is a villager out to take revenge !!! What more do you want ?
Vijay1 is amazingly scruplous and has photogrpaphic memory, can draw blind since he has evolved past teh stage of eyesight. He can also divide by zero for upto 3 decimal places. What more do you want ?
Vijay2 never sleeps, outruns a space ship on top gear, lifts a jeep with his tongue, pile drives it on a wiseguy and eats glass for pure exhileration. What more do you want ?
Vijay1 talks like he gobbled a ream of paper, chewed on some asparagus and had shit out Konar notes. What more do you want ?
Vijay2 responds with smart oneliners straight out of a Maniratnam movie. He never shakes his head and when he does the world better beware. What more do you want ?
Vijay2 falls faster than class four particles and the rules of physics dont apply to him. What more do you want ?
Vijay1 occupies 90% of screen time, and Vijay2 occupies 80% of screen time. Totally the movie is 170% Vijay. What more do you want ?
Vijay1 tells Vijay2 "kadaiseeya oru ambalaya sandhikkaren". And they start throwing nukes at each other.

Are you still sitting down ?


Zero said...

The only issue I have with reviews of "anti-films" (no offences to them at all) is the lack of the possible objectivity that can be brought in in between all "prejudices".
That is, the discerning between "great" and "good" isn't done in case of "anti-films" as much as it's done for films that plays straight.

In other words, is this quarter as good as "Narasimma"?

Escape.... Great Escape said...

'Objectivity' is extremely subjective.

You really cannot fathom what kind of objectivity would be present in making a movie about twin brothers on two different paths in life. (I mean obviously the Negroponte brothers certainly have intellectually stimulating lives... But perarasu and 'CBI' dont have that).

Ok.. to answer your questiong, my objective is to express my own masochistic tendencies and re-hounour the time honoured tradition of mkaing fun of oneself...

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Ok,... to answer your next question. I don't know. Such 'anti movies' as you rightly put it, really depends on the mood you are in while watching the movie.

They are like alcohol... it makes you more sad if you are sad and extremely happy if you already are...

I loved Perarasu. But i need not have loved it if i was in a different frame of mind.

Sankar said...

looking fwd to watch the movie atleast at home... hope it is as entertainin as narasimma.... :)

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Narasimha, Gajendra, Alexander are equally good movies. Go with an open mind. I loved this movie.