Monday, September 11, 2006

Movie Review - Thimuru

Why do villains speak only in vowels? Be it villis or villans, they all seem to suffer from a severe case of loose vowels.

Thimuru showcases quite of few of those. There is no shortage of consonantly challenged villains. THey even have names like Eera and Aatttaa. And they roam all over Chennai, and a nameless town (a la Wes Anderson), in their Scorpios and Sumos trying to find Vishal. (There is a town called ZyZyxx near Las Vegas... Are all Tamil movie villains from there?)

Now why are they after Vishal? Well apart from the fact that he is the hero, apparently he was the reason their sister got accidently electrocuted. She is aptly named No-Ohmaaaa... (get it? she couldnt resist electricity... lol I know... bad joke) (Hey BTW, electricity apparently is very friendly to certain people. Vishal stands in the same puddle of water that Shreya stood but still it does not harm him. Vijayakanth too.). Anyway putting logic aside, our man calmly goes to the city to continue his education. Boys will be boys... and so Eera, Aattaaa, Eeeniiii, Annaaaa, with a score of their derivatives board white Sumos and rush to Chennai and roam bus stands looking for him... (Lesson learnt... if you are hiding from militant vowels from the town of Zyzzyx, stay out of bus stands).

Vishal has to go there though... apparently because he wants to convince Reema that he does not love her, and so they meet in the bus stand where he ofcourse falls in love with her. (Oh I have already asked logic to step aside.. why am I pulling it back in... Sorry logic).

Anyway thats starts out a 2 hour climax for the 2.5 hour movie. Intersperesed are 4 songs. Reema covers one part of her body in each song, depending on the location of the song. Shreya who learnt her dialogues from someone suffering from severe constipation, rolls her eyes and thighs in one badly shot indoor song. Reema and Vishal get to travel to Finland, Malaysia, Gibraltar and Tibet during this 2 hour climax (check your dirty filter)... The Concorde proved to be handy.

Vishal seems to be at home throwing people about. Seriously I think his house is the most messy place on earth with people strewn all over the place with/without limbs/eyballs and wangs.

Ok I am now bored with this review. Bye. Watch this movie. I liked it. Its got everythign you would ever want in a Tamil movie.


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great writing style...really hilarious!

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