Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Movie Review - Uyir

One Sunday afternoon... we actually did not have ANYTHIGN to watch. Completely bereft of ideas... we went to Devi. Seriously there were no movies that we had not already watched. Jerry, yes watched it. Naalai, again over and i liked 'Nuttu'... , Pulikesi... i even remember the dialogues.

And then we remembered.. "Thanannananana (3 times)... UYIR".. tickets were available and show time was 1 hour away. What to do ? Ofcourse.. what we usually do.. go sit in Saravaan Bhavan and buy the song book for the movie. (only 1 Rs). We read throught the lyrics really loudly.. and were very very lucky to not have been thrown out of our dear SB. BTW the aapam there is really good. try it out once.

Now back to the theatre... really horrible theatre.. the one that resembles the dungeon in the movie 8 mm... in the basement of Devi.. but then who cares? BTW waiting in line for them to open the theatre doors was officially the lowest point in my life. I do not think I have stooped further in my life yet, and I hope I never have to go that far down ever. Atleast there were no cockroaches inteh theatre...

Wasnt this supposed to be the movie review ? Well the movie is straigth out of your TV screens. Current tamil movies want us to believe that there are only two kinds of women in TN. THe ones like Reema Sen's, 9Thara's and Trisha's characters play... the ones that are college students and strut about wondering where to go for their dream sequence... and the ones like Sangeetha, Metti Oli's Rajam, Dhanam Akka,Leela and Saro who are eternally scheming to get things done their way in life...

Anyway Sangeetha is a working mother and wife of a percieved nincompoop (hero's brother), who gets tragically killed while testing the strength of a rope, the fan and his neck. Wonder why people get such weird ideas to prove their manliness... Anyway, this opens the lust lines between Sangeetha and the hero... and... and... and... there starts the ugliness. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The review for the movie will just be one line.

Now you know why there were no roaches in the theatre.
Thats it. Even they ran away.

I used this line once. I will use it again. I do not want to waste too much time thinking abotu what to write. The story line from now on starts as a tiny trickle of lizard urine, is joined by a few tributaries of Python regurgitation, becomes a raging river of Iguana vomit and dissappears over a cliff into oblivion. So does Sangeetha.

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