Sunday, September 03, 2006

Movie Review - Vettayadu Vilayadu

Staying the process...
Top Dollar...
Covey lose?
Lets gooooo...

Thats how the movie starts... Do not go to the movie with any expectations... I am sure you would be dissappointed. I expected a laugh riot... a movie where you could laugh at Kamal trying to be serious by putting on fake accents (remember the time when he called Queen Elizabeth... ma'am.. with a call center accent?). I expected a movie where Kamal did superhuman feats with his belly tightly tucked into jeans and T shirts. I expected him to occupy the screen 90% of the time and talkabout how intelligent he actually is. I was partly dissappointed... in the first few and completely dissappointed in the final thought. He occupies only 80% of screen time.

There were a few laughs though,
1. "Raghavan instinct"... "Back at home"...
2. "I invited myself to the party"
3. His ability to emulate Ron Jeremy on every opportunity... Don't you feel he is a self percieved underachiever?
4. His presentation at the CIA headquareters where he makes fun of American political 'correctitude'.. We got our man.. ? oh sorry suspect :-).
5. The 55 year old iyengar maama is revealed for an instant when he asks the two 'suspects' if they were 'homosexuals'... and then he keeps repeatedly rubbing it in (hulo gentleman... no pun intended) with words like... 'kaadhali, 'aval'... Homophobic to say the least. Tasteless.
6.30 AM Saturday in the protaganosits' hallway,
2.30 PM Sunday after lunch, watching Jerry Springer
4.30 PM Monday walking on Times Square...
Such really idiotic titles had us in splits for a few minutes and then lost its purported novelty.

Jyothika... hokey dialgues and all... falling in love with Raghavan... I think she has drawn her eyebrows somewhere up north, to hide her really really huge forehead... it gives her a permanently surprised look even when she is crying. One character who was avoidable. Goutham I think needed her to make the climax engrossing. Is she kidnapped? Will she die or not? What a whore this Goutham is... You tried it in one movie.. why do it the second time too?

The movie was something new for a Tamil movie. Goutham has matured and has not resorted to too much 'macho' dialogues (remember thiruchelvan refering to 10 and 15 person shootouts as 'action blocks'?). He has been a sell out when he attempts to show grizzly shots (the blurred portions.. was that the censors or Goutham?), of severed body parts and naked cut up women.

The movie would have been better if there was no Jyothika and no songs. I would have actually ended up liking the movie then.


Pradeep Sriram said...

only loori can write such reviews. u should start writing in some magazine.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Nee pathia andha cinema va ? I found it partly hilarious and partly irritating. The tagline was "an episode in an officers life".. and it ran for 3 hours.

Nalla vela they did not write the book on the officer nu nenaichen. Anyway, watch it, apparently the producer is in trouble for mkaing such a movie. Thats the least we could do.

iyengarkatz said...


are you reviewing a movie or venting your personal dislike abt kh?? sivaji review varattum, apparum unna gavanichukkiren!! ;-)

btw, i thought you werent planning to see this movie??? did u see soap??


Escape.... Great Escape said...

illa da.. notyet released in India... am waiting for the movie. I heard it is insane to the point of being insane... apdi laam review panra and I am missing out on it. :-(.

I have no personal problem with kh... but dei.. i wish he would just do comedy movies. he is MILES better with those. atleast he can make that his USp. These wannabe flicks are downright idiotic.

Zero said...

Ha ha, nice points.
I wasn't disappointed per se, because I knew how it was going to be - very wannabe. (Not to forget the so-out-of-place thing a la the "Freeze!" line in "Khaka Khaka").

I don't think it was the 55-year old iyengar mama in Kamal Haasan who was homophobic though. :)

And, it's Anbuchelvan!

iyengarkatz said...


i finally saw the movie and don;t agree with ure review!! (nothing new though considering it is a kamal movie);-) there are things that could have been improved yes, but it surely is one of the better movies to come out of the tamil movie industry....besides...mattavanga oru line story-ah 3 hours-kku otturanga....idhu episode-ma..3 hrs kammi ;-)

Escape.... Great Escape said...

:-) well you were correcct about the 55 year old iyengar mama.. he is only 54... Zero.. thanks for dropping by.

And iyengawkatz... the movie did not have 'flaws'. It was well made. If there was no jyothika or songs, it could have made a good 2 hour TP. But those 'excesses' by Goutham and KH were too amateurish. Goutham can be pardoned, not KH.

If he continues making such movies, in 3 years time Filmfare would give him a LTA award and start calling him a 'thespian'.

Suresh said...

I'm happy that someone kind of agrees with my view of the movie, try my podcast on the movie

sanjay said...


you are hilarious as usual. The movie did not meet my expectation. I had problems with two word sentences masquerading as dialogues. Too many Kaakha Kaakha hangovers (Kollanum!, Ava enakku venum!) Even the names & characters(Maya, Ilamaaran, long haired villain). It was a pity I had to see it on thiruttu print, I couldn't watch out for the cinematography that many have praised.

BTW, Boss' Kamal defense is as tiring has Kamal's english. "Back home its called the Raghavan instinct" Ennapa idhellam?? Very corny, including the intro sequence and computer jigina title (that 'out of one tv' into the other editing seemed very stupid).

iyengarkatz said...


this is not a kh movie...this is a gautam movie..all excesses are strictly his fault including the 360 degree cameral shot twice on the needlessly stretched out car-bike chase in the end!! you can actually see the indifference/boredom in kh's face during the manjal veyil song when he is made to walk with the whole on nyc behind him!! so i think you need to review this as a movie with kamal in it as opposed to kamal's movie!! if there was one thing i sure wud liked to have changed, it was


persistence pays!! ;-) ....all dialogues are credited to gautham!! any flaws/faults are solely attributed to gautham alone!! so kamal ROCKS!! :-)

Escape.... Great Escape said...


Sooper !!!! So I will credit Crazy SOLELY for the success of MMKR ? Kamal is not even in the movie for all I care. Infact the best joke in the movie was from Nagesh... and ofcourse 5tantram was KS Ravikumar all the way.

kalakkara da Boss nee !!!

iyengarkatz said...


wah wah...i know you are a dubya fan, but your reasoning skills put him to shame!!;-)

crazy mohan will be credited for the dialogue of the mmkr undoubtedly, but he cannot be credited for the acting...likewise here you are nitpicking "certain" dialogues written by gautham and attributing it to kamal in someway or the other! the other two movies you list had more of an active involvement in the creation of the movie by kamal than merely acting in it. so your analogy of attributing mmkr to crazy mohan and 5thanthiram to ksr is not valid.

on the whole, it is definitely a good movie. is it a great movie? no. but it is not as bad as you make it to be.


Escape.... Great Escape said...

If you remember right, acting too was horrible. If Kamal was an actor even with a tad of sel respect, he ould not jump about with his tummy flying all over the place. i will not bblame goutham alone for it.

Secondly, i seriously doubt if Goutham would have asked Kamal to speak with a fake accent.

Thirdly, all i said was if Kamal had a hand in 5tantram and MMKR, obviously he had a hand in VV too. I did not see what flawed 'logic' you saw in that. Your attitude of just absolving Kamal of all the problems in the movie IS compeltely logicless and 'unreasonable'.

ANyway that is besides the point. Atleast you accept hte movie was not upto the mark. And the way you talk, ti seems ot me that you think that alone, makes it 'not a kamal movie'.

The Individualist said...

Any movie that begins with a cliched fight sequence... is sure to suck. And this kept its promise.

Sarang said...

Genrally, I like to ride with the movie especially with the star presence even if it doesn ot make any sense. I liked VV for Kamal's introduction and a few dialogues the first time I saw VV. Later I realized that this was Gautam's worst movie ever which of course was superceded by pachhakili.... I still have some hope from him and eagerly await Vaaranam Aayiram...