Thursday, September 14, 2006

Vettayadu Vilayadu - Follow up

The merits of superficiality

Well actually I have been reading a few reviews about the movie Vettayadu Vilayadu. Someone told me, the really superficial people have been lambasting this movie while the people who analyze movies frame by frame have enjoyed it. Here is a short write up about what was enjoyed in the movie, by the people who claim to discern the good from bad.

Apparently to these reviewswers, brangan, bbalaji... and those other guys who write the reviews that praise VV, the positive aspects of Vettayadu Vilayadu were,

  1. How Kamal reacts to Prakash Raj in the airport (the grim, brief nod), Did you really enjoy that? I think all you are trying to do here is to prove that KH is better than Steven Segal. hmm.. OK. lets go on.
  2. How ACP Raghavan looks and talks like Kamal Hassan... (Isn't he acting?)
  3. The 'unique' presentation of how ACP Raghavan deduces the locations of the dead bodies. I found it horribly hackneyed... gut feeling... Raghavan instinct... No seriously, havent the people who appreciated it ever watched S.A Chandrashekar with his infamous lawyer movies and how lawyers turn detectives and the remarkable linearity in how they 'deduce'?
  4. How Kamal looks slightly obese and hence suits the role... check out the review by brangan. I thought he looked positively odd when he was bashing 20 year old kids with his 44 inch belly.
  5. The way Kamal's 'sandpaper' voice cracks when emoting. (I do not know if I can really enjoy such things in a movie)
  6. His bump into a girl in a disco, and obvious the startled expression ourman has, because our man is a devout conservative from T.Nagar, chennai 17.
  7. The re-emergence of 'masala movies' so that they can enjoy Kamal in all his natural wonder!!! I do not know if that was a contradiction... but I feel brangan was trying to bend over backwards and try to do something not worth mentioning here.
  8. The phrase 'Nara vettai' is 'eloquent'. I have no comments on this.
  9. Vett Vill was a 'police procedural presented in a dry manner'. 'A docudrama'. These guys have watched United Airlines 93 once too many times.
  10. I have to agree with them on not making any of Raghavan's family made important, being kind of nice. But when Kamal wants to occupy 80% of the screen time, his family is deemed to be put in the back seat.
  11. So a beggar remembers the girl. So Raghavan has a hunch that the beggar will know. So he interviews the beggar. So there is only one road from the bus stand. So there are no intersections in the middle of a town. So in 15 minutes, people in a red colour maruti van can only travel so far. All this takes 3 minutes of screen time. After the body is found, there is a 20 second shot of the nude body and Prakash Raj cries for 10 minutes of screen time. So this is 'tight screenplay'? 'a docudrama'? 'a dry police procedural'? Hmmm.
  12. "I know it sounds strange to highlight the love angle as the best aspect of a serial-killer thriller, but that’s what makes this movie so interesting." !!!!. I call that sycophancy. I would then ask you to admire the pump set used in the next Ramarajan movie. Will you find that interesting ?
Yes Ok. I know I am a bad finisher. This is how I finish. Bye


Suresh said...

{{After the body is found, there is a 20 second shot of the nude body and Prakash Raj cries for 10 minutes of screen time.}} - Idha dhan pa naanum keten, ellam adikka vantanunga. There's "kuthu paatu" out of nowhere in the final moments of the movie, and these idiots call it "slick", it was sick!

Idhuvachum parava illa, did you notice that song in which they "background screen otify" like the good old days when heroes didn't how to ride motorcycle? oh! Kamal'ku kaal etti irukkadhu :)).

{{I would then ask you to admire the pump set used in the next Ramarajan movie. Will you find that interesting ?}} - Oh sure they would! but the actor should be KH and the director GM or Mani Ratnam. Periya aalunga pen paatha kooda ivanunga periya kadhai eludhirvaanunga.

since we are talking about depths, one final question to all the "deep" intelligent folk. How on earth can you burry someone (horizontally) in grainy sand just 8 inches deep? (unless you have her back anchored to soemthing stiff way below in the ground?)

Sankar said...

indha post'ku romba research panni iruke... kalakku po!!!

Escape.... Great Escape said...


Well, I have a problem with every Kamal movie that attempts to be serious. Everytime he tries a non-comedy movie, his attempts seem too 'vain'. The pride and the conceit seems to just spill over.

I do not know if there is some problme with me... but everytime Kamal tries a Hey Ram or a K'punal or a VV, it is like he is screaming "look at me... I ama media whore"... and everytime he teams with Crazy to give a super comedy, he leaves me in splits. I mean the guy is just too good a comedy actor.

I will be waitinf for 10vadaram. I am sure I will like the movie.

Escape.... Great Escape said...


Dei illaida.. I read only two posts. Brangan and Balaji. They seem to suck up to whatever tripe kamal puts in.

Anyway I am paid to do research ;). Always have been. Will meet on Sunday is it ?

Aru said...

Well . I came here from one of my friends link. I can feel that you have a penchant for thumping on directors for giving bad movies but you have to stop this approach to actually enjoy the various niceties in a movie. Throughout the posts i have seen a axe hand in your critic over a movie. You can actually be a little more less vitriolic with your words , considering Kamal Hasan's standards. But you can write really well and your choice of words is excellent. no offense intended , just that you can write better if you take a neutral stand on a movie !!..

Kaushik said...

After reading this post of yours abt 1-2 years back, every time I see a Kamal movie, I keep remembering this post. :D Whether it's a new Kamal movie or old movie which I watch just for the fun, I find I agree with you more and more. Watched UPO yesterday and MMKR today. The contrast is just too stark. :D