Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Game Review - NFS Carbon

NFS - Carbon (really don't know why it is called that...) is not innovative, but still manages to keep your interest if you finish the races quickly. Also... just imagine this... I am writing a review abotu a game that I played... how bored should i be to do that ? and how MORE boring must the game be for me to actually write somethign bad about it ? Right now, not even Solitaire will bore me :-). So here goes.
Team members:
It is possible for you to form your own team comprising of drafters (race with you... find the best path to race), scouts (find hidden tracks and shortcuts for you), blockers (disable other competitors for you). Also you have a fabricator whose advice you can get to soup up your car to perform well. Race map:You race in a city on the coast with both the sea and the mountains nearby. Some race tracks take you through the mountains are pretty engaging, but still others are just throught eh city... mad speed. I am playing the game with a Porsche Cayman and the souped up version reaches speeds of 180 mph. There is not to much intelligent innovation as the car handling is no different at 120 and 180. And oh !! she is part of your 'team'.

Game story is pretty simple. The city is divided into 5 areas each controlled by a gang, and eveyry gang has a beef against you because of an incident that happened a few eyars back. You return and try to regain territory. There is a subplot which is a riddle about why certain policement singled you out and let you escape and about a bag of money carried by your girl friend. Very weak to say the least.

Racing is pretty standard, there are six main kinds of races... drifts, speedtraps, circuits, laps and timed runs. Among these, speed traps are pretty interesting with your average speed going through checkpoints makes you the winner. Drifting is a bit more difficult in this game with some mountain paths letting you fall off the cliff while drifting. Thre are 'boss races' where you notch up points for following the area boss along pretty tough mountain paths.. and by keeping him behind you when you are leading. Those are some of the more interesting races in the game.
Free roam is a feature where you can try to evade cop cars and once they lose sight of you, safe houses spring up all over for you to enter. Street cred increases but there is no apparent improvement. Cars are pretty standard where you can choose between muscle, (high accel.) Tuner (high handling) and the european kind which has both in copious doses). Once you get a car that can reach 170 - 180, there is no way a cop car is goign to catch you. Cops show up more often later in thea game when you already have earned better cars. So it really does not make sense then.
Well I feel OK that I am playing the game. Maybe you will too.

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