Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Movie Review - Broken Flowers

Bill Murray, veteran indoor scenery in a few Hollywood productions has expressed desire to start emoting in movies which would give him an opportunity to move his facial muscles. After accessorizing bar stools, leather couches and over-stuffed pillows in movies like Lost in Translation and especially Broken Flowers, Bill Murray (Movethat Thinghere to family) felt it was time to move on in his career.

“I have always been comfortable staring at air molecules and I now notice some of them strike my face. I think it is time for me to start reacting to those air molecules”, said Murray breaking his usual deadpan exterior by moving his lips almost one eighth of an inch. “In Broken Flowers, the leather couch I was sitting on posed a serious threat to my screen presence. That is not the Bill Murray you will be seeing now onwards”, he added emphatically.

“The inertia in Bill Murray’s performances is so high that it would take more than just one kilo Newton to lift his left eyebrow alone”, said noted physicist Alfrad Nobal. He added there was no need for studios to get alarmed as Chuck Norris is available free of charge to provide the necessary physical impetus to Murray’s jaw.

“Broken Flowers will be the last movie I will act as a middle aged loveless successful loser in search of a woman friend who will stay with me for the rest of the 3 months I will live”, Murray said before tasering himself for making such a decisive statement... bringing the interview to a sudden end, pretty much like the movie.


Reel Fanatic said...

Bill Murray is easily one of the five funniest people on the planet, no matter how much he moves his face

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I liked him in Zizou. Before that I found him mildly funny in LiT. I like underplay... but with Broken Flowers he has pushed his limits.

He chooses middle aged loser roles... and provides us with deadpan looks and absolutely bland emoting. He could atleast chosen a few unique mannerisms. Why did I have to spend 80 more minutes of "Bob Harris" and "SunTory Times" again ?

Plus he does not even try to characterize himself as a "Once Was Casanova" as warranted in the story.

Broken Flowers was oen of his poorer efforts.