Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Movie Review - Babel

A multidimensional story that explores what happens when love is ignored, squandered, or annihilated by anger, alienation, hatred and violence. One of the best films of the year...

I am going to write my own one line review for this movie. Maybe i can make it big in that business.

An intricately woven mesh of incidents spanning three continents, seamlessly integrated with a single piece of thread as thin as an ant's pubic hair. The story of a nanny, teenager and goat herd all knitted into one magnificent magnum opus.

An epic production that explores the molecular compound of glass shards borne out of exploding cartridges, protein poisons and abandoned love, which can easily be dissolved by using kevlar reinforced windows in airconditioned tourist buses.

A well rendered tragedy of circumstances insinuated by extreme indifference to scientific-geopolitical parleys among deaf mute girls inJapan and their effect hencewith on inebbriated Mexican field hands taking business vacations in heartland America.

An ambitious project to delineate flaws in character among high school students and nannies in America with a sharp emphasis on the state of affairs among African goat herds and jackal hunters... that delivers from the second reel on.

A movie that sharply brings to focus the essential irregularities in the construction of sub-Saharan village hospitals without proper medical amenities due to the high prevalence of uppers and downers near Tokyoesque fountains and juxtaposing it with Buchanesque alienation back at home.

A movie classic with a remarkable storyline thought about while in a quickstop restroom, at the same time without alienating any language, creed, caste or breakfast cereal popular across the globe.

A reel delight about the extent ignorance among Morocon cattle farmers to the sensitivities and tribulations of naked Japanese teenagers brilliantly explored through an incident of cataclymic proportions spanning three pseudo random time zones.

A movie phenomenon revolving around copious amounts of goat milk and blood which teaches us the importance of not spending well earned money at Sathyam theatre.

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