Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Movie Review - Desamuduru

Allu Arjun is the only south Indian hero with a six pack. Do I sound gay saying that? I don't mind admiring the hero even if I do sound gay for I have now become even more of a devout follower of telugu movies. This masala makes every other telugu movie that I have watched... something like rasam made for a recovering jaundice patient. In other words, if other movies were my previous comment... this movie is Abe calling his opponents arguments "as weak as a soup made by boiling the shadow of an Ethiopian pigeon that had died of starvation".

Action !!!! Mohammad must have seen Allu Arjun before he said the human body has 360 joints. And Gray must have seen some partisan Thamizh hero before he drew up his charts... no way a human with around 60 limbic joints do what Allu did on screen. Mohammad would have also said the human body has around 142 million gallons of blood and it shoots out at 35 cusecs. Also, Mohammad would not have bothered to dictate the Koran... for he would have seen God in Allu and retired to doing what he was second best at... (I hope I am blaspheming now :-) ).

Comedy? If normal movies have 1... there are 5 comedians in this. One for each pin code the movie takes us to. Every house has a comedian who can talk so loudly that he tries to drown the other comedians in their respective pin codes... sometimes the pin codes are even located in different hemispheres on earth.

Music! My ear drums started dancing. Every integeral frequency, pitch, tone and decibel level has been selected on the basis of equal opportunity (Mandal Commission for the unitiated...). The softest song had Lars Ulrich on a screamer getting creative in a hotel kitchen.

The story? Pardon me for bringing in a food reference once again... but it is like boiling all the left-overs in Andhra meals home, Ritz Carlton and a Japanese sake bar (copious amounts of wasabi included..), in a earthen pot and burying it under a palm tree for 2 years. There is a resounding kick to medula oblongata every time the scene changes. A curious mixture of unpredictability and incredulity that leaves one with a slice of the brain missing at the end of the movie.


Sundhar said...

please post the review of Yogi (along with a picture of Nayan)after you watch it.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Prabas ?!! The future of Telugu cinema rests on the capable shoulders of Prabas, Arjun and Power star Pavan Kalyan... How can I miss any of those movies ?

Request obliged.