Monday, January 15, 2007

Music Review - Paruthi Veeran

Ariyadha Vayasu :

After a really long time this is one great song from Uvan Shankar Raaja. THe album in itself is refreshingly differrnt from the regular city slicker music that he is known to produce. This shows how good and close he could be to Illayaraaja. If had not told me this is not an Illayaraaja movie, I would have tended to believe so.

This song has one of the best interludes in contemporary music. The flute... and somehow Uvan has included the piano into it. (and also the sarodh). Do not mind if this song reminds you of another Illayaraaja song (from Avatharam) and begins like one of those Lagaan songs. This song has the charm to guarantee a few listens. This is the best song of the album.

Iyaayoo :
The voice that stands out is oviosuly Manicka Vinayagam's. Nice slow tune... maybe the second best song. Where this song falters is in Uvan SHankar Raaja's unnecessary humming that goes on for too long and unnecessary instruments in the inteludes. It does nto sound great to have such a song in a village movie with a lot of western/northern sounding instruments. The song would sound good alone... if removed from the movie...

This reminds me of this guy who used to play the nadaswaram outside our house in Bangalore in 2 second breaks. No tune, no coherance, no charm... maybe it is like that in the villages.. but this song has absolutely nothing to write about apart from a loud thavil and a louder urumi

Sari Kama Pathani:
I am interested in seeing what this song is all about in the movie. It sounds completely out of the movie... like Paruthi Veeran and everyoen had suddenly gone to brothel with whores trained in classical music. I am not sure if there are such brothels in deep interior south India.

Oororam Puliyamaram:
Ok one more 'Nadhaswaram' type of song.. but this time the song has been sung by eunuchs. The voice in the middle.. if it 'Karthis's', sounds unnervingly like Surya's. There is nothing
interesting in this song its the same as 1000s of 'Naatupura Kalaigal' songs.

Tanku Dunga
This song has completely convinced me to watch this movie. Not because it is nice... but it has piqued me enough to know what this movie is about.

If you want to download... do not waste yoru bandwidth any other songs. Just the first two. get it.. and listen away. Do not get teh CD/tape. Not worth it. You already have other Illayaraaja songs that sound similar. You also have other Uvan shankar raaja songs that sound similar.

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