Friday, February 23, 2007

Movie Review - Eklavya

One rule. Which is being interpreted in different ways with different results. Its been a long time since I have watched a pretty logical movie. It is a pity I could not understand Hindi... otherwise I will be able to write a much better review. Anyway I will give you an idea about the storyline.

Dharma is following what just the heart says. And each character just does what he or she feels is right. What is impressive in the movie is the character development. They are these very normal Hindi cinema characters, but with slight deviations from normality. Where are these deviations? Who is the most deviated from the norm? That is for you to find out.

As the movie progresses, I would advice you to try to work things out yourself. It is an interesting movie in that sense, because you can start guessing what each character is going to do at any point. The movie plot is a macabre murder mystery and since there are not too many characters, it does not confuse you. During the movie, you should start thinking about who would have done it? Even if that is obvious at one point of time, the more interesting question to answer would be, What is his/her dharma or reasoning to have done what he/she did?

Well apart from the story which is above average for a Hindi movie, the visuals are spectacular... the palace, the interior designing and ofcourse the desert. Fantabulous. Amitabh runs uphill!!! and he is almost 70 !!! Could not imagine that. Saif has impressive screen presence. I have always been partial against the female lead and this movie is no different. Vidhya Balan does not seem to fit the role... she has a few stock expressions and increasingly reminds you of Aishwarya in her 'monotonicity'. Mediocre.

Jackie Shroff plays his part, his voice adds depth to his character (seriously... nothign else in it ;-)). And Boman Irani! I have watched him only in humourous roles. In this movie, he plays a very serious, depressed and weak Rana. Acceptable. Parikshit Sahni... am seeing him after a really long time. The last time I saw him I tink was some DD serial. Unrecognizable. Sanjay Dutt... (Brilliant cameo... like Robin Singh... crowd pleasing. How can people support a known terrorist?).

I would advice you to not watch the movie in any theatre in Chennai. I do not know if it was the timing of the show, but most of the public did not understand the movie. There was lots of moaning groaning and laughing at all the wrong times. (When Boman Irani removes his headpiece and shows you his bald head, it pretty poignant situation... but most of the guys and girls laughed at his hair... or lack of it). When Saif and Vidya have a really intersting scene at the end of the movie, the whole theatre goes into raptures because they are about to kiss. Juveniles.

And, please stop the DVD or leave the theatre atleast 5 minutes before the end credits. Because if you really enjoyed the movie, the ending is such a big let down. If you hated the movie, probably you would like the ending. It has a few crowd pleasing moments... (No. Vidya Balan does not flash... you dirty minds).


inspiration said...

dude.. i heard the movie sucks n ur review reads otherwise!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Yes. The movie could have got some bad reviews because it was really slow... did not cater to the average Hidi audience and at times sounded pretentious too.

I enjoyed the movie perepherially as I did not understand Hindi. So all the pretentious bullshit was lost on me. Maybe your friends understood all that and called Chopra's bluff.

Shiv said...

i liked the cinematography there and as u said the palace was awesome!!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

didnt you guys think the ending was the most contrived ?

Sarang said...

Well, I did think that the ending was not what I wanted it to be. :) But, as the underlying theme is 'Ekalavya galat tha', the ending is as is. My wife loved it. I liked to movie as well.