Sunday, February 11, 2007

Veerasamy - Part 1

Let me recount the movie for those unfortunate enough to have missed this masterpiece.

The movie starts with the introduction of the Villi... it is still a mystery as to why all TR movies have villis instead of villains. I think that entire family has something against the fairer sex... (all women other than sisters and mothers are whores) ... look at Manmadhan... classic example... and TR choosing the fattest and ugliest Piec O Shi to play the villis in every one of his movies... I think the logic is that the villain definitely has to look uglier than Teeyaarr... and automatically the sample set among men reduces to just this dead guy in The Ring :-). So it obviosuly has to be women...

Who is this Villi? Obviosly she is a whore who controls politicians, policemen and goondas and who is a VC for brothels, distilleries and ganja farms in the area. She has a 50 inch waist line and a bigger bustline and wears fake jewellery and little else. And ofcourse.!!!! she calls our Veera... "Dhaadi" (If THAT is supposed to be a face... those bushes HAVE to be a Dhaadi right? I think TR can grow hair even from his eyeballs... what do you think?)

Ok. The Villi is someone who finishes crore sized deals while polishing her nails... but yet sees it necessary to claim 50,000 from a poor family in person. She badmouths everyone at home and drags the women folk to the brothel... warranting the magnificent entrance of Teeeyaarrr...

...Rather bombastically... a jeep flies 50 ft into the air... and Teeyarr mysteriously emerges from a godown after throwing 20 people out at the same time. He proceeds to bash everyone up with... wait for it.... a beam balance. He then mouths these killer dialogues... Vogons !!! you lose!!!. This puts the "Ode to the little piece of green putty in my ear"... to shame.

You born Saidapettai
You black ticket sold Vandhipettai

You Singapore minor covered Korukupetai

You upped and buried him Kannammapetai

You brothel open Pudhupettai
You MLA stood Vannarapetai

You ganja sold Kosapettai

You liqour boiled Paneerpettai

You first kill Vazhaipettai

and so it goes on and on with her resume... she gets embarassed... blushes and leaves the scene at once... opening the first song.

Veeramulla Samy
Maanamulla Samy

Dhaadi Valakkum Samy
Brandy adikkum Samy
Veera Veera Veera Veera Veerasaameeeeeeeeeeeee

with our man rolling around wearing tight flouroscent trousers and yellow shirt. This is when you notice he has almost lost 2 kilos for this roll... I guess he cannot hope to gather up anymoss later on...

Anyway back to serious stuff... Veerasamy is the local MLA. Revered, worshipped, respected by millions around the world... a guy born in a house that he himself built with his own hands... studied in a university he himself was the dean of, and someone who eats his own excreta to cure himself of cancer. Self made man, self made brother, self made son, self lover, self neighbour, dog owner and window washer par excellence. There is none in the world better than him... even when he attempts at being a narcissist....

Ok. I think i have to take a breather here. So far I have covered 10 percent of the movie. I am feelign sleepy now. I will continue with the movie review tomorrow... :-). I certainly had fun watchign this movie. I think I will have more fun writing about it.

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