Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Veerasamy - Part 3

Just when we seem to think the story is moving in one direction... we are reminded of the other immense star presence... that of Mumtaj (Salt kottai sarasu... premier black ticket vendor for Simbhu movies, militant swadesi and destroyer of English movies). She makes a very strong swadesi satement... by... NOT SELLING black tickets for English movies. Hehe. She also has the hots for Teeyar... cannot blame her... irresistable as he is. Pretty much like how cow dung is irresistable to dengue flies... (don't ask me who the fly is now).

So what better way to remind people of Mumtaj's presence than to have a song with her bathing in a huge milk tub? So Teeyar and Mumtaj roll about in a huge milktub for 5 whole minutes. Teeyar... is at his creative best. Song ensues in her dreams. Lyrics astound.

Eureaka AkkaAkka
Nee irukka soakka
Varen paru knacka

Silli sickkan tikka...

But but but but but.. Teeyar.... he has no interest in Mumtaj. He feels his sister has to feel wedded bliss first before he too takes the plunge ... so to speak... So he does not profess his love and there are these really hilarious scenes. Where Teeyar tries to pull a Gaptan.. (remember the 'aang' scenes? and scenes where Gaptan runs away from the girl? if you think those were funny..wait till you watch this.) The dialogues go something like this.

Mumtaj : Enna kadhalikkareengala ?
Teeyar : Aangggg !!!! Ayyayyyoooooooo !!!!!
(Teeyar opens his eyes wide... bigger than his mouth and bares his teeth. The movie got an A certificate just for that expression. Small children and pregnant ladies beware.)

Mumtaj : Unga daadi enna kuthanum...

Teeyar : Enna vitru maaaaa...
(Teeyar hugs a nearby pillar and tries to climb it.. escaping Mumtaj's outstretched arms... His expression is as if a pig had just farted in his face)... but Mumtaj persists.

What now ? Ofcourse another song. The second song in 3 minutes. At one point in the movie, the inter song space is shorter than the song duration. It is like sitting in a remastered Ouvayyar.. but Ouvvayyar is suddenly 50 years younger and wears blouses and skirts stitched out of a handkerchief and dances only in very wet places.

This time we are treated to Teeyar in 3 different get - ups.. each one outdoing the other. Teeyar should think about starting his own fashion line for people whose circuimference is bigger than their height. I mean he is like a carrom board coin sliding about... imagine humpty dumpty wearing a sherwani with that red cloth sweeping the grass behind. Imagine TR with gelled hair swept back like Don Corleone. Imagine a tar black sphere wearing a tuxedo trying to lift his leg above his head. Now imagine you poking your eyes with blunt needles while standing on hot coals and drinkign acid. I think you would prefer the latter.

Anyway Mummumaatha does not get Teeyar's attention and leaves in a huff. Teeyaar heaves a sigh of relief and we are all awarded with a whiff of whatever they were eating 'before back'.

We now move to the other love pair in the movie. Shiela and Loverboy. They are in their respective beds and talking on the phone to each other. Ever wonder why rich people either wear those jigina housecoats and slippers or just goto bed wearing cowboy boots? I don't know but loverboy does the latter. I think he wears those clothes to be prepared to have dream sequences in Texas. Wonder why he did not sleep with a raincoat... cos he dreams of a song near an achored ship while it is raining... needless to say everyone wears white. Third song in 15 minutes flat. Vijaya Teeyar on a roll... his sets are a movie phenom.

We are taken to differect corners of Simbhu gardens in the song. One resembling a ship, the other the Andes (a rather emasciated masticated papier mache version). There is one modern art masterpiece that resembles two trees that have been cut down in the middle of a marsh while it is raining. Oh wait that is NOT a set !!! He has actually gone to the Couum to shoot that ! Sort of suits our mood too.

Hmmm that concludes the third part of my seven part trilogy... obviously. Not even a book would do justice to this movie. Officially I have spent more time on this movie than all of the Veerasamy artists put together. I am yet not ashamed of this endeavour.

About the story.. well.. after introduction of all the characters in about 1.5 hours, we have had 3 songs in quick succession.. before that we had one intro song to humpty dumpty. We are halfway through the movie... The plot has not yet thickened... unlike TR's brain which is also addled BTW. See you int he next.


Sankar said...

3 posts already in for veerasamy.... thanga mudiyela da... pls...

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Sankar. I thought i would make it a round figure.. 7 maybe. 3 sounds too few. But considering your feedback... i might just let you guys watch the movie and find out what happens at the end. What say ?

Gokulakrishnan said...

The reviews are awesome. Continue with it. I am still laughing thinking abt TR and his expressions :)