Thursday, February 15, 2007

Veerasamy - Part 4

Considering all that has happened so far.. and the story yet to begin, exactly when we are expecting something to happen, we are treated to... you guessed it... one more song!!! This time it is once again between Mummumaatha and Teeyar. I am unable to recollect the reason behind the song unless Teeyar wanted you to see unused colours in Pothy's 16 million colour saree. Teeyar graces the complete song in a lungi which he periodically puts over his head and jumps about like a retarded chipmunk. The lesser mentioned about Mummumaatha the better. Yes... lesser is better for a few. The theatre was in raptures.

Now back to serious stuff. Queenbitch whorelady now understands the extent of love between loverboy and thamizh ponnu, realizes it is an amazing opportunity to use Teeyars face as a doormat... asks the Teeyar to payyankeatufy. This is one great scene. Not to be missed where the villains are discussing their plans.

We are treated to some great self deprecating stuff by the villains. These sequences are some of the most hilarious in the movie. The villains talk badly about themselves. Teeyar movies are famous for two things.. villains talking highly about the hero and villains talking really badly about themselves. Coming to think of it, you must already be a loser to become a villain in a Teeyar movie.

Villain 1 : Oh this Veera is getting on my nerves. Can you able to kill him?
Villain 2 : Yes ofcourse. Isnt that too obvious ? we have only tried doing it 342 times before.
Villain 1 : Yes and I want everyone in Chennai to know it was we who did it... anyway the
police constable is on our payroll.
Villain 2 : Ofcourse with that we have all holes covered. Who do you want to do the job.
Villi : How about my regular customer from korukkupettai? (she is a whore.. and she needs to point it out herself)
Villain 1 : Oh you have not killed him yet? I thought you had upped him a long time ago.
Villi : No how would I kill of a cash cow?
Villain 2 : Oh I thought you were the cow here...

Sidekick1 : Are you talking about killing Teeyar ? Do you think it is possible... ordinary people cannot even go near him. He is so great and powerful and extremely talented.
Villi : Ayyyy shut up yuvar mouth ya. With sa satti paanai Kavuth.
Sidekick1 : Ummmmmmmmmmm..
Villi : You just see how I up him.... and it will happen this Friday at 11 in the a.m.
Sidekick2 : Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Villi : Yes... and it will be done outside our house when he comes to payyankeatufy.
Sidekick2 : And BTW do you relaize you are live on air on Simbhu FM?
Villi : So what.. I really dont care... I am out of control anyway...

And the dialogue goes on...

Meanwhile Meghna Naidu (lest we forget her thighs) gets jiggy with loverboy, and there is one more song. Meghna Nadiu suddenly seems to have learnt mud wrestling and has only loverboy to practice her moves. The song goes on and on and on... and it only reminds you that the movie has not yet started. Teeyar has just introduced, reintroduced, and re-re introduced his cast... and well to give him credit, we now know every inch of atleast the female cast. Loverboy particiaptes enthusiastically because the songs are only in Meghna's dreams... wonder what Freud would interpret her dreams as.. Maybe he would say Meghna is a frog who yearns to be a fish with a severe allergy to cotton or polyester. She apparently has no problems with crochet or thin muslin.

We come to the end of one more important segment of the story. I have described 7 songs so far... 3 with mummumaatha and teeyar and 3 with loverboy playing a pivotal role and one magnificent intro song where everythign explodes... even explosions !!!. All the characters have been introduced, and you seem to think OK now we are ready for the story to begin. Stage set.

Coming up next.... The story...

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