Thursday, February 15, 2007

Veerasamy - Part 5

HAHAHA fooled you!!! Do you really think there is going to be story in a T Rajendhar movie ? If at all I want you to go for a T rajendhar movie for the story.. you are in really bad shape buddy. So.... Teeyar dresses himself up well for the fateful day, slicks his hair back and wears his luminous black tight T shirt and goes Payyan keatufy in Queenbitch's house. Thankfully there is no song and the trip is uneventful. But the peachuvarthai isn't!!!
QB starts out on a tangent.
She says:
Aah.. now I have you Mr Veera. You said no? I cannot able to make you come to me.. but kekekeke!!! You have camed here and you are in front of me, you have to sit. In the weddinghall, if loverboy has to tie thali around thamizhponnus neck, you have to sit under my feet and grip my legs. Only then Chennai city know who is Queenbitch. And only then sister wedding can walkable. Hahahaha.

Teeyar gives a look that would make a lump of cow dung cringe. Down in the dark jungle something stirs... Teeyar tries to speak but no words come out. But no need !!! The female panther that Thamizhponnu had turned into suddenly bursts into frenzied activity.

She says:
What you are saying ya? If my wedding taking place only after my brother humilate by you queenbitch mother... then no need my marriage. Why marriage under all such problematics? I will be without hymen rubbing. What is there? For me, everything is my brother and my brother is everything. You and your loverboy please get out and goto hell. I cannot able to marry and all. I will be lifelong unmarried.

Teeyar is touched. Leaves for home but not without mouthing some killer dialogue to thamizhponnu.
He says:
Yes ma yes. I grew you up only for you not being hymen rubbed. Yes ma.. I am only poor brother no? Who listening to me and all? I am so paavam.... and what sin I did to be like this? Why my sister also not understanding me? Why everything in this movie is so f'ed up beyond all recognition? Why some jobless idiot and all writing 7 reviews about my movie? Why George W Bush being such an asshole? Everything head fate only. Head Fate maaaa head fate.

He starts crying and further fertilizes his beard.... which grows an alarming 2 inches during that dialogue alone.

Well. Ok what next? See.. I have already told you every single female except Teeyar's lover and sister are whores. He never has had a mother in any of his movies and he is the person who raised his own sister ever since he himself was an infant. Fans correct me if I am wrong... but I have a feeling both Simbhu and Kural had made appearances as junior Teeyar raising the female chipmunk sister in ALL of his earlier movies. That must be a record of sorts.

Anyway Meghna... fresh out of her dream song in knitted underwear, also dreams up a Swatch of a plan to separate loverboy and thamizhponnu. Time honoured tradition of faking a rape and calling in police to arrest the hero too. We have seen this strategy in just 15,826 earlier movies but the refreshing way it was done in this movie.. was really refreshing. Did I mention refreshing ? Yes... refreshingly, green was the colour of the room walls and the bed that was used in the scene. Ha. You cannot blame Teeyar for not trying the unbeaten path... He is a maverick when it comes to choosing wall colours. Remember this refreshing statement because I will use it again in the rant.

Now events start happening at breakneck speed ebcause we have less than 10 minutes to end the 4 hour movie and not even half of the shit pile has been digested.

Coming up next.. Teeyars last songs... a few weddings and quite a few funerals. Wait and watch this space for more.


Migrating Thoughts - Ramblings of a Mind said...

I heard "ur teeyaar" is coming to entertain everyone with his show Aratai Arangam in suntv every sunday morning...dont miss it...!!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

HE is the talk of the town here. Would most certainly not waste 30 minutes of my time watching him cry.

I already watched him doa Jerry Springer some time back. The moment anyone says thangachi or akka he starts crying. It is funny for exactly 2 minutes. then it starts irritating you.