Thursday, February 15, 2007

Veerasamy - Part 7

Jump Cut. Mummu's new house. Villain number one is hosting fat politicain and fat politician out of the blue suggests something. He asks if he could own mummumatha and puts forward a flawless logic for that proposition. He says since mummu cannot able to sleep with legal husband she is probably a whore, and needs to be treated like one. So he offers his services in the matter.
Hubby dear gleefully accepts. I think i will rip off my eyeballs and pull out all my nails for writing this paragraph.... but yes that is what happened in the movie. It made my toes cringe and my hair retract into my arms. I despise Teeyar for this sequence alone. I want him to read what I wrote and I want him to die after pulling out his tongue. Please if you know his email ID forward all parts of this review to him.

Jumpcut Teeyar's house. Teeyar fixes up wedding with doctor for thamizhponnu. Heavy heart and teary eyed ponnu accepts because by then she believes the Meghna Naidu's 'refreshing' new twist that loverboy had slept with her and was arrested by the police for the same.

Jumpcut Mummu's house. Hubby persuading mummu to do the unmentionable. He says mummumummu... anyway you can do nothing... you cannot even stab me with this knife... you do not have the guts.. you are anyway going to sleep with fat politician... you cannot do anything else. So mummu gets angry and makes him eat steal. Only it is not through the mouth but through the belly. There is a lot of blood and very little struggle. Hubby dies peacefully and mummu cries her heart out.

Jumpcut Teeyar's house. She has nowhere else to go.. and so what does she do? She runs to Teeyar. This time when she slips he catches her. The first time he has touched a lady other than his sister. We see a few sparks fly but no they do not instantaneously combust into another song. They have bigger things at hand. (yellow yellow dirty fellow...)

Jumpcut fat politicians house. Unaware that her father is medlling with mummu's wares, Meghna suddenly has guilt pangs, and wants to confess to thamizhponnu that she was the cruel witch that created false propaganda about loverboy.

Jumpcut Teeyar's house. Meghna Naidu... incidentally who suddenly starts wearing sarees propounds the logic that since loverboy had never danced with her in songs... and since all those songs were only her own dreams.. and since the butler is almost always lefthanded and since daylight saving's time had not been accounted for, loverboy is innocent of all crimes he will commit in the future. Everyone believes that and...

Jumpcut to the streets.
Why streets? Isn't final fight sequences happening in marriage halls sucha cliche'? And since this movie has faithfully avoided every single character stereotype and script cliche', we see the final showdown on the street outside Veera's house.

And what a fight it is! It is only the second fight in the movie and Teeyar is at his athletic best. He is Rajkiran and Kulla Mani combined in strength, valour, height and hair density. I mean if VJkanth with his minuscule moustache can kill guys in Gajendhra, just imagine what is possible with a chin full of beard. Its a bloodfest and guys die by the dozens. Its like one punch by Teeyar and every bone in that other guy's body is shattered.

If you ask me, all he had to do was shave his beard off, and every single strand of hair would have done the fighting for him. Anyway he would use that tactic in his next movie. I am now raving I know but I have to finish this review... and I am still keeping the surprise from you. I am evil like that.


Migrating Thoughts - Ramblings of a Mind said...

Crazyyy!! Ur rant is like a bottomless pitt!! phew phew !!! I couldnt read more......

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Yes. you are correct. I have not read it fully myself.

Suresh said...

I'm sure you did some research on this might endeavour. But I thought this might help you,

Escape.... Great Escape said...

hehe thanks for the comment. and the link. surely would check it out.

This is an endeavour all right. but i had more fun writing this than wtchign the movie.