Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Movie Review - Mozhi

Prithvi and Prakash are keyboard players. Bachelors. Eligible. Move into an upscale neighbourhood.... With a few pretty girls. Prithvi gets smitten first. Culprit. Jyothika.Bells ring, light flashes, and Jyothika shows a few karate moves on a hapless guy in front of a Tony Ja 'Mirattal Adi' poster. (Symbolism?)... but then Prithvi is in front of a poster that says '50 percent off'. Symbolism again ? Maybe not. Well thus begins the love story, between Prithvi a 'soft hearted', good intentioned, music composer and Jyothika, a deaf mute strong willed, talented and beautiful girl.

Promising start to a movie, that features for the first time in the annals of Thamizh cinema, direct lifts of Vivaldi's Summer overture and wonder of wonders... Harry Belafonte!!! (Hey Illayaraaja used quite a bit including "Bisathe Bisathe"... of the Banana boat song)... There were a few other familiar pieces in the BGM... I fail to recollect. There was this lift of a Summer in Bethlehem song too. (Both movies Vidhyasagar I think).

Story. Boy meets girl, they become thick friends. Politics because girl misuderstands boy's intentions... thinks too much and assumes nonsense. For a change the assumed nonsense is not sexual. As usual insecurities creep in. Insecurities addressed and resolved. Alls well that ends well.

Mentionable points? Humour. The characters are shown to be intelligent... not in a childish way but in an adult way. Some of the jokes are so simple that its spontaneousness appeals to us. Like the time the two guys make fun of Paramanandham in the hospital. Cockroaches could be fun too. Some of the songs are good but the BGM at times seems tooooo loud (If that was intentional, I fail to get the symbolism).

Negatives. The professor character. The teenage lover. Both were avoidable or could have been substituted by a few more interesting characters. Swarnamalya should dance more and try not to act in movies... would help in more ways than one. Jyothika trying to act makes us laugh partly because of so many close ups and partly beause by the time of those 'realizations' scenes, you had wanted the movie to end a few times over. The story did not warrant the length of the movie... around 2.5 hours.

Movie that you could safely watch without squirming. Apart from that, there is little else of interest.


pavan kumar said...

Poi (Prakash Raj's prev. venture) didnt do well at box office, but Mozhi has been getting good reviews all over.. after reading your review, I checked the trailer and it was nice.. looking forward to watch the movie

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Yes. I forgot to mention the movie was good. (Also, most of the people came with their families... so I guess it is the cleanest movie in town)

Migrating Thoughts - Ramblings of a Mind said...

I watched the movie too and I think it was a good movie. The humor was spontaneous like u mentioned. Decent movie after a long time...

mysorean said...

It's got to be the cleanest movie released in quite sometime because the males and females in this movie touch each other only once and that too at the ending!

I thought the movie was nice too. But nothing great in it!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Yes you are correct :p. More bacteria is transferred through touching and kissing people than through any other contact... HEHE.

And Janani, yes. I was reminded of that stupid movie called Pasamalargal. When in school YGP made all of us watch that movie... tis claim to fame ? the 'cleanest' movie in town... but content-wise complete trash.

nishpeak said...

I have managed sit through a Tamil movie after a long time and it turned out to be 'Mozhi'. The movie was a decent movie, thumbs up to the good things in the movie. Here's my peeves about the movie,

1. How come all bachelors always have the cleanest and best designer houses in the world. Okay, agreed. 'Hero'..i hear you screaming. Oops forgot to mention the wardrobe i think they rented out 'west-side' and tried every single cloth for every shot. They can apply to Guinness for setting a record.
2. The color, i think the person who designed the sets or interiors was color blind. My eyes were burning after seeing so many primary colors with in such a short span of time.
3. Why should 30+ guy with a nice tummy (reminds me of local police) should try to fit themselves in T-Shirts and cargoes with their pot belling hanging out, try to dance and try to be the nice and cool dude..2-3 songs could have been avoided.
4. The locket, soap are like characters in the movie and I believe are just added to end the story and become too predictable for their use in the climax.

Anyway, nice movie. Far better than other movies in which the hero bashes some 20-30 goon on the road and always has a nice clean shirt end of the fight.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I agree. The movie would have been a good audio 'movie'. The visuals were not appealing. And i hate Jyothika.

Hey... and the soap and locket becoming predictable... ? I gather you have not watched other Prakash raj movies... every thing has a kind of a deja vu feel to it... Characters, how they meet... too clean and sometimes you feel they are too affected.

nishpeak said...

Jyothika was brilliant in the role she did perform really well..sometimes i was under the impression that she was not just dumb and deaf, she was mentally retarded too. Her expressions were just the same which she did in 'kushi'. Why should the directors cast her, they could hire a good editor and take parts from her old movie and it will fit perfectly.

Hope surya gives us a much needed break from Jo.

I am not a movie buff, so this is my first Prakashraj movie. Prakashraj, please use some other plot in future movies.

Why should there be build up for climax, people will accept if she walks to his room and if she had just agreed for marriage instead of building it up and showing her in a magenta saree (MY EYES!! someone get some water!!) coming to church and all the sentiment.

I think much has been said about this movie. So will add my comments in the next movies i watch.